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10 Companies Hiring Engineering Interns

Mercedes-AMG Factory in Germany - Trainee Supervised Building V8 Engine
Getty Images
Summer's a-coming and engineering students know that nailing down a summer internship is a necessity in their field. But whether you're into developing buildings, space shuttles or software, AOL Jobs has you covered with a curation of companies that are searching for candidates to do these exact things.

If this is your first time navigating the world of intern politics, heed the advice of Karen Purcell, president of electrical engineering firm PK Electrical: "You probably won't be offered the first internship you apply for so cast a wide net. You may even find that you get to pick your preferred placement if you've lined up plenty of options."

So pick your favorites from the list below and start applying today! (If business and sales are more your jam, check out our list of internship opportunities in those industries.)


Dairy Farmers Replace Workers With Robotic Milkers

FacebookThis is what a robotic milker looks like.

Why hire a person when there's an equally qualified robot waiting in the wings? That's what some New York dairy farmers are asking themselves, what with the unexpected rise of robotic milkers that don't take lunch breaks, stick to the schedule, and travel through time track dairy output.


Top 50 Companies For Diversity In 2014

Novartis/Facebook Medical professionals in a Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation-sponsored training program in Africa. Novartis topped this year's list.

Besides its obvious humanitarian benefits, diversity in the workplace is also good for business. To a company's main constituents - it's employees, clients and other stakeholders - it's a sign that management is paying attention to their needs and cares about its impact on the people closest to its operation.

"Companies with great reputations attract the best and most skilled employees who then create and deliver the best products and services," said DiversityInc founder and CEO Luke Visconti. It's no wonder then that many of the employers that appear on DiversityInc's top 50 companies for diversity are also featured in the Fortune 500 and 50 Best Employers in America lists.

The 14th annual list by DiversityInc was compiled from a 300-question survey answered by staff from companies with 1,000 U.S. workers or more. Learn more about the methodology here.

Notably, the technology sector continues to lag behind other industries in embracing diversity. IBM and Dell are the only two tech companies featured, while Microsoft lost its 44th spot from the year before and fell off the list. Apple declined to participate.

Check out the list below to see if your company or dream employer are among the leaders in supporting a more diverse workplace. Companies with asterisks (*) are currently hiring, so click to apply today.

1. Novartis Pharmaceuticals
2. Sodexo*
3. EY 4. Kaiser Permanente
5. PricewaterhouseCoopers* 6. MasterCard Worldwide
7. Procter & Gamble 8. Prudential Financial*
9. Johnson & Johnson* 10. AT&T*
11. Deloitte 12. Accenture*
13. Abbott 14. Merck & Co*
15. Cummins* 16. Marriott International*
17. Wells Fargo* 18. Cox Communications*
19. Aetna* 20. General Mills*
21. KPMG 22. Target*
23. IBM* 24. ADP*
25. New York Life* 26. BASF*
27. Eli Lilly and Company* 28. Northrop Grumman*
29. WellPoint* 30. Colgate-Palmolive*
31. Kellogg Company* 32. Dell*
33. The Coca-Cola Company* 34. The Walt Disney Company
35. Kraft Foods Group* 36. TIAA-CREF*
37. Allstate Insurance Company* 38. Toyota Motor North America*
39. Wyndham Worldwide* 40. Rockwell Collins*
41. Medtronic* 42. Time Warner*
43. Verizon Communications* 44. Comcast*
45. TD Bank 46. Monsanto
47. KeyCorp 48. JCPenney*
49. AbbVie 50. Nielsen*


NYPD Twitter Outreach Turns Into Outrage

Lawyers have a saying: Never ask a question unless you know the answer you're likely to get. The New York Police Department might think of adopting something similar on social media.

Someone at the NYPD decided that it would be good for its image, relations with the public, and officer morale to show pictures citizens with New York's finest. So the department wrote on Twitter, "Do you have a photo w/ a member of the NYPD? Tweet us & tag it #myNYPD. It may be featured on our Facebook." Just one problem: They didn't ask for happy pictures and the hashtag turned into a bashtag, as the Daily Dot reported.


Master Your Job Search The Strategic Way — In Layers

Portrait of businessman
Getty Images

By Beth Tucker, President and CEO of KNF&T

There are several avenues prospective employees can take to find their "perfect" job. However, many still choose to rely solely on submitting résumés online, which is a mistake. Any recruiter or HR manager will tell you they don't get to the majority of applications, due to automated processes such as applicant tracking systems and the sheer volume of résumés received. While submitting online is often a requirement, prospective employees need to think about their job search in layers. In addition to submitting a résumé online, there are several different avenues a prospective employee should incorporate into the job search mix. Below are some you should pursue as you look for your ideal job:

There is no time like face time
Attending events to network and meet different contacts is an important aspect to any successful job search and one prospective employees should take seriously. Further, if you are interested in a particular company, you should make the extra effort to seek out events that are important to the company's employee base and try to engage with those individuals that may be able to potentially serve as references for you.


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