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Trusted science news from around the web from many reliable sources.

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Science News: Fly Fido to the moon in space send off for deceased pets

CHAN TYSOR POSES WITH MODEL ROCKETS IN TAIPEI.By Amanda Orr HOUSTON (Reuters) - A Texas company is offering a unique send off for beloved pets by placing a portion of their cremated remains in a capsule and blasting them off into space. Celestis Inc, which has provided memorial space flights for human remains since 1997, will launch its first commercial pet memorial spaceflight in October 2014 with the remains of a blue merle Australian shepherd, named Apollo, the company said. The space send-off options go up to $12,500, which allows the pet’s remains to be launched into deep space or to visit the moon. "Our pet service flights are an idea that’s been a long time coming," Celestis Chief Executive Charles Chafer said.


Science News: Birthday Binging Linked to More Hospital Admissions

Birthday Binging Linked to More Hospital AdmissionsFor many young people, birthday celebrations are synonymous with heavy drinking, but such binging at raucous parties can make birthdays a particularly bad day for your health, according to a new study from Canada. The results show that excessive drinking — often referred to as binge drinking — lands more young people in the hospital for alcohol-related incidents during their birthday weeks than any other time of the year. The researchers compared the number of hospital admissions for alcohol-use disorders — defined as any incident in which the patient had symptoms such as alcohol dependence, withdrawal, delirium and acute intoxication — with the dates of the patients' birthdays. They hypothesized that the number of admissions for alcohol-use disorders would spike during the patients' birthday weeks.


Science News: Healthy Living in Stressful Times May Reduce Aging Effects

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle during troubling times may reduce some of the negative effects of stress on the body, and the accelerated aging that can come with it, researchers say. The study participants reported their health and behaviors, as well as whether any major stressful events such as losing a job or going through a divorce, that occurred during the yearlong study. To look at the effect of stress on cells, the researcher measured the length of cell structures called telomeres, which are protective "caps" at the end of chromosomes. The researchers took blood samples from the participants, once at the beginning of the study and again a year later, to measure the changes in the white blood cell's telomeres.  


Science News: Exercise Can Change How You See the World

Exercise Can Change How You See the WorldExercise may leave people feeling less anxious because they perceive their environments as less threatening, a new study suggests. In the study, researchers asked students to watch an animation of a figure that could be perceived as moving toward or away from the viewer, and found that the students who exercised viewed the figure as less threatening. "You're seeing this world as a little less threatening" after exercise, said study researcher Adam Heenan, a Ph.D. candidate in clinical psychology at Queen's University in Canada. Heenan said the findings could have implications for people who suffer from anxiety.


Science News: What Tiny Drones Can Learn from Hummingbirds

What Tiny Drones Can Learn from HummingbirdsImproving the design of the world's tiniest drones could start with taking a closer look at one of nature's smallest and most efficient flyers, the hummingbird. In a new study, researchers at Stanford University's Bio-Inspired Research and Design (BIRD) lab compared the flight of 12 different species of hummingbird with that of a Black Hornet Nano, one of the world's smallest drones. "The hummingbird is such an exceptional bird. It's got so much power," said lead study researcher David Lentink, an assistant professor of mechanical engineering at Stanford.



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  • T-Mobile soars on $15 billion takeover bid
    Shares of T-Mobile USA soared 6% Thursday on a $15 billion takeover bid from a French telecom company. The news that France's Iliad will be making an offer for T-Mobile quickly ripped through the markets, causing T-Mobile's (TMUS) stock to briefly be halted.
  • HushMat Partners with 'Clarion Builds' to Bring a Cool and Quiet Ride to the BMW '02
    CYPRESS, Calif., July 31, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Clarion Corporation of America announced today that its innovative 'Clarion Builds' marketing program has welcomed HushMat as the newest Silver-Level partner for the program's first project. View photo ...
  • Immediate Access to Kelley Blue Book Experts Now Available to TV Networks Globally
    IRVINE, Calif., July 31, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Kelley Blue Book www.kbb.com, the only vehicle valuation and information source trusted and replied upon by both consumers and the automotive industry, today announces the installation of a ReadyCam® on ...
  • Fly Fido to the moon in space send off for deceased pets
    Celestis Inc, which has provided memorial space flights for human remains since 1997, will launch its first commercial pet memorial spaceflight in October 2014 with the remains of a blue merle Australian shepherd, named Apollo, the company said. The pet ...
  • Venrock Closes $450 Million Seventh Fund To Invest In Tech And Healthcare Startups
    Long-running venture capital firm Venrock just closed its seventh fund, bringing in $450 million in new capital. The firm, which has been around since the ’60s and counts the Rockefeller family as one of its big LPs, will use the new money to continue ...
  • iPhone 6 now said to launch in October: Report
    Despite prior indications that it would begin selling in September, the iPhone 6 launches October 14, according to the newest report from MacRumors. The website cited a source knowledgeable about an "internal Apple Retail Store meeting," who said that the ...
  • T-Mobile shares jump on Iliad buyout offer
    NEW YORK - Shares of T-Mobile surged 4% after French telecom company Iliad confirmed it has made an offer to acquire T-Mobile. According to The Wall Street Journal, and later confirmed by Illiad, the deal would involve control of the wireless carrier, but ...
  • Is the Galaxy Note 4 doomed to be plastic?
    Samsung doesn’t always listen to fans when creating new mobile devices, no matter what it says during its press events — as long as smartphone sales are still strong, it will keep churning out the plastic. But the company seems finally ready to commit ...
  • LinkedIn Earnings: What to Look Out For
    LinkedIn (LNKD) will be reporting its second-quarter earnings after the markets close on Thursday. But after major beats from Facebook (FB) and Twitter (FB), expectations may be too high for the professional networking site. Analysts expect LinkedIn to ...
  • Talon rocket tests successfully from attack helo
    TUCSON, July 31 (UPI) --Raytheon's Talon laser-guided rocket has been fired from an MD 530G helicopter to demonstrate its multi-platform capability. The small rocket, co-developed with the United Arab Emirates, needs no hardware or software modifications ...
  • Venture capitalists heed lesson of the boiled frog
    Private, venture-backed start-ups are dominating the conversation in Silicon Valley right now. Not because of what their products do, but more significantly, what they might be actually worth. It’s now called the “$10 billion Plus Club.” In the ...
  • ServisFirst Bancshares, Inc. Ranked As Top Performing Bank By American Banker
    BIRMINGHAM, Ala., July 31, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- ServisFirst Bancshares, Inc. (NASDAQ: SFBS) is ranked 9 th in the Top Mid-Tier Banks between $2 billion and $10 billion in assets in the U.S. by American Banker for 2014. Based on a 3-year average Return On ...
  • Facebook unveils Internet app, starting in Zambia
    New York (AFP) - Facebook on Thursday unveiled an app to allow people around the world with mobile phones but no Internet access to access online services for health, education and basic communications. The Internet.org app is being released first in ...
  • Data Plans, Caps Stoke FCC Net Neutrality Concerns
    Criticism from the chairman of the Federal Communications Commission over Verizon's new plan to slow download speeds in some cases is adding to concerns about data-use plans being a possible threat to customer rights and net neutrality. Wireless and ...
  • Twitter laments government roadblocks in fifth transparency report
    However, the social network launched the fifth edition of the report lamenting that it hasn't been able to get anywhere in pushing its agenda for further transparency with government agencies. Jeremy Kessel, senior manager of global legal policy at Twitter ...
  • HTC: When good products aren't enough
    HTC reported a small second quarter profit, appears to have expenses in check and touted how its One (M8) smartphone "continues to impress the market." However, there's a chorus of tech watchers and analysts saying HTC's products won't translate into ...
  • Is T-Mobile Doing Too Well to Sell Out to Sprint?
    The stories of Sprint (S) and T-Mobile (TMUS) have been linked since late last year when reports emerged that Sprint’s owner, SoftBank (9984:JP), wanted to buy T-Mobile. The chances that the U.S. government would approve this have always seemed slim, and ...
  • Fisherman finds 1-in-30-million calico lobster, donates it to New Hampshire aquarium
    HAMPTON, N.H. – A fisherman has caught a rare lobster that's bright orange with dark blue spots. Josiah Beringer found the calico lobster in one of his traps on July 23 in the mouth of New Hampshire's Hampton Harbor. He donated the 1.5-pound, 5-year-old ...
  • Otzi 'the Iceman' had heart disease genes
    Otzi the Iceman, a well-preserved mummy discovered in the Alps, may have had a genetic predisposition to heart disease, new research suggests. The new finding may explain why the man who lived 5,300 years ago, stayed active and certainly didn't smoke or ...
  • The Switchboard: FCC calls Verizon’s new data throttling plan a ‘disturbing’ development
    U.S. cellphone users frequent victims of 'cramming': Senate study. Reuters reports: "U.S. mobile phone users have likely paid hundreds of millions of dollars in unauthorized charges "crammed" onto their bills, according to a report released by the U.S ...
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