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Science News: Comet scientists take break after 4 straight days

This is a combination photo of two images released by the European Space Agency, ESA, Sunday Nov. 16, 2014. ESA says it provides strong indication that Philae touched down for the first time almost precisely where intended. The photo on the left was taken about 3 min 34 sec before touchdown, the photo on the right 1 min 26 sec after by the navigation camera (NAVCAM) on board Rosetta as the orbiter flew over the (intended) Philae landing site on Nov. 12. The touchdown is seen as a dark area in the lower center of the right image which is considered as strong indication that the lander touched down at this spot (possibly raising dust from the impact). They were taken from a distance of about 15 km from the surface, Since landing Wednesday on comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko some 311 million miles (500 million kilometers) away, the lander has performed a series of scientific tests. (AP Photo/ESA Rosetta/NAVCAM)BERLIN (AP) — The European Space Agency says that its scientists are taking a bit of a break after working for four days around the clock since the pioneering lander Philae touched down on a comet.


Science News: Leonid Meteor Shower Forecast: What to Expect

Leonid Meteor Shower Forecast: What to ExpectIn recent days, I've been hearing the excited murmurings of skywatchers: "The Leonids are coming!" That is indeed true. In fact, the Leonids are expected to reach their peak before dawn on Tuesday (Nov. 18).


Science News: Energy Drinks Can Be Deadly for Young Children

Thousands of kids have faced serious — and potentially deadly — side effects after consuming energy drinks, new research shows. More than 5,000 cases of people who got sick from energy drinks were reported to U.S. Many of these cases involved serious side effects, such as seizures, irregular heart rhythms or dangerously high blood pressure, the researchers found. Energy drinks typically contain high levels of sugar and at least as much caffeine as a cup of coffee.


Science News: Not Particles, But Chunks: Dark Matter Gets Stranger

Dark matter may not be made of tiny particles as most scientists believe, but instead may consist of large chunks of strange matter anywhere from the size of an apple to an asteroid, researchers said. Currently one of the greatest mysteries in science, the invisible substance called dark matter is thought to make up five-sixths of all matter in the universe. Yet no one knows what pieces of dark matter look like. In a new study, researchers outlined their idea that dark matter is made of particles they called "Macros." The scientists theorized that if these particles were as dense as atomic nuclei, they could not be smaller than 0.12 pounds (55 grams).


Science News: What Are You Really Eating? Wearable Camera Tracks Your Meals

What Are You Really Eating? Wearable Camera Tracks Your MealsA wearable camera that hooks around the ear could become a constant meal companion for people who want to accurately monitor their diet.



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