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These are Infographics sent in by our readers. If you have an infographic you would like us to post, please contact us.

What is the Presidential Alert System? And Why is it Important?

Cibirix - Digital Marketing Agency produces fantastic infographics about Presidential Alert System for your audience. Below are some points which describe how this system works.

Who is sending the message? The Federal Emergency Management Agency, in coordination with the Federal Communications Commission, conducts a nationwide test of the Wireless Emergency Alerts system on telephones, radio & TV.

When will we receive this message? According to the official notification by FEMA, cell towers will broadcast the WEA test for approximately 30 minutes beginning at 2:18 p.m. EDT. The test was originally set for Sept. 20 but was postponed until Oct. 3 due to "ongoing response efforts to Hurricane OKFlorence," according to FEMA.

What will the emergency alerts contain? The alert will be headed with, "Presidential Alert" and text that says, "THIS IS A TEST of the National Wireless Emergency Alert System. No action is needed."

Why are we receiving this message? According to FEMA: "The WEA system is used to warn the public about dangerous weather, missing children, and other critical situations through alerts on cell phones."

How long will the message alert sound? According to FEMA, during the 30-minute period the message will be broadcasted, your handset will receive the alert once and the notification will last approximately one minute.

Who will get the message and can you opt out? All WEA compatible cell phones that are switched on, within range of an active cell tower, and whose wireless provider participates in WEA will be receiving the test message.

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's Royal Wedding Cost Summary From Security To The Honeymoon

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's Royal Wedding Cost Summary From Security To The Honeymoon

Prince Harry and the American actress Meghan Markle will verily soon be celebrating their wedding, which could also be the biggest government spending for any public event in 2018. The total cost allotted to this historical trans-Atlantic union is $45,184,000 – up to $10 million more lavish than the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

The biggest portion of the overall wedding cost will go to elaborate security, comprising 93.67% of the entire budget. The extraordinary public reception generated by the couple makes them a very high-value target for any hostile element – whether they may be avenging sympathizers of the Taliban or overzealous lunatics who can’t stand the idea of a biracial member of the British monarchy. The security budget levied upon the United Kingdom’s taxpayers is worth $42 million.

The second most expensive part of the budget goes to the catering, which is worth around $670,000. It is curious to know that the extravagant volume of food and drink only covers 1.48% of the overall expenses. Following the budget for catering is the amount of money spent on entertainment, formal presentation and documentation. The $650,000-worth program only covers 1.44% of the total wedding budget.

The venue for the royal wedding covers up to 1.09% of the entire wedding expenses. The British Crown will be spending $490,000 to pitch luxurious glass marquees to accommodate the outdoor delegates among the 4,040 invited guests.

Curiously, Meghan herself will independently shoulder the cost of her $421,000 wedding gown – which has already accrued up to £40,000 worth of alteration fees because of her rapid successive weight loss. Combining it with the outlay for the groom’s wear, the entourage wardrobe, wedding rings, and the hair and makeup; the overall budget for the attire effectively covers 1.03% of the total wedding expenses.

The printing of stationeries ($350,000), venue decorations ($335,000), honeymoon ($170,000) and the miscellaneous cost for portable toilets and wedding favors ($54,000) is each estimated to be less than 1% of the wedding budget. Curiously, none of these items are lower than the average cost of weddings in the United States.

Surely enough, the British government would not bother spending such profligate investment if it is not worth it. Due to the global support being given to this extremely unique and famous couple, Great Britain’s economy is estimated to earn $1 billion in 2018.

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Tech Companies Addicted to Acquisitions

Technology Companies Addicted to Acquisitions

I bet you don’t know that some of the world’s biggest websites and tech companies such as Instagram, Skype, and PayPal are all owned by other companies. It’s true, Internet and tech-based companies are some of the biggest players in the mergers and acquisitions game. Only a fraction of the large internet and tech companies own most of the internet’s real estate. Amazon, Facebook, and Expedia are some of the biggest acquisition-hungry companies, and this forms the core of their long-term growth strategies. Let’s look at some of them.

1. Amazon originally launched as an online bookstore by Jeff Bezos, it has now grown to be a household name worldwide. In fact, Bezos is really aiming for Amazon to become an all-around website which has everything for everyone. Last year, Amazon made its largest acquisition yet of Whole Foods Market for $13.7 billion and there are rumors that it wants to take over companies in the retail, grocery and pharmacy markets such as Costco and Target.

2. Facebook social media network Facebook is no stranger to acquisitions, either. By far, its most notable acquisition has been the photo-sharing app Instagram for $1 billion in April 2012. At the time of the purchase, Instagram had 30 million users but made zero revenue whatsoever. Fast forward to today and it has over 600 million users and is a multi-billion dollar advertising business.

3. Expedia perhaps the most surprising of all, Expedia – the travel company famous for its competitive prices and tempting deals – has also made some big acquisitions. Expedia has bought a number of companies operating in the travel industry. In fact, one of Expedia’s most important strategies for growth is through acquisitions. Some of its major acquisitions include HomeAway in November 2015, Orbitz in September 2016 and Travelocity in January 2015. Take a look at our infographic below and discover for yourself which other companies are creating monopolies in their industries through acquisitions.

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How a Small Chinese Territory Managed to Usurp Las Vegas as the World’s Top Gambling Destination

Las Vegas VS Macau - How a Small Chinese Territory Managed to Usurp Las Vegas as the World’s Top Gambling Destination

Historically, when you thought of the world’s number one gambling city, Las Vegas was likely the king of the gamer destinations. For over 50 years, Las Vegas and its famed strip was the leader in all things gambling and were the clear go-to jurisdiction for the world’s biggest betters. However, in the last decade, a small territory off the coast of China named Macau has made considerable headway and, today has dwarfed the famed Sin City in almost all things gambling related. A detailed comparison of these two world-class gambling cities, found on CasinoSites breaks down the similarities and differences between these gaming superpower regions. According to the statistics, Macau now brings in 3 times the gambling revenue attracts more visitors and is the new home to some of the world’s top casino brands. Here is how the small island of Macau was able to, in less than a decade, move the gambling mecca to Asia.

Fueled By Asian Growth

Likely the top factor in how Macau was able to achieve its dominance can be attributed to the incredible economic growth of the Asian region. Fueled by the trade surpluses and the strongest economy on earth, China has boomed, making its business class some of the wealthiest business people on the planet. This growth has not only been limited to China but many of Asia’s powerhouse production economies are cashing in big as well. This new business class is driving sales of luxury goods, air ticketing, and vacations, along with many other high-end commodities and services. Macau has truly benefited from this growth and has managed to attract these neo-rich classes of Asians to their shores. Furthermore, as Macau is only a few hours by flight to these countries, it allows for more frequent trips than a 20-hour, 1-way journey from Asia to Las Vegas.

Tax Advantages For Players

Another key driver of Macau’s gaming growth has been their zero tax policy on gambling gains. In Las Vegas, an income withholding tax is levied against patrons of 25-30% for Americans, and 30% for foreign gamblers. This can be quite substantial in the event of large wins. Macau, with zero taxes on gambling winnings, is a better situation for the gambling world’s biggest fish.

These are just a few of the ways Macau has managed to achieve its number one spot on the world’s gambling stage. A complete comparison of these two gambling Mecca’s can be found by checking out this comparison from CasinoSites.

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10 Beneficial Investments You May Have Never Known About

Investment Ideas: Ten Profitable Investments You've Never Heard Of

Investing your money always comes with a risk. This is why you have to study the options so your money won't go to waste. It is important that you compare them before deciding which one is more suitable for you.

There are investment options that are actually profitable but you may not have heard of before. For instance, you can buy an entire forest. This might seem like a crazy idea, but it works. The timber can be sold for a good price. The land also increases its value over time.

In the event that the economy is not as good as you would have hoped it would be, it is fine. You can just let the trees continue to grow until the economy is back in shape.

Vintage wine is also a good option. As they say, wine tastes better with time. If you decide to invest in vintage wine, you can expect it to increase in value over time. There is a chance of a 20% return as years go by.

These are just some of the investments that could work well for you. Just give them a try and you will realise that the returns are quite high. It might be a risk at first, but once money starts flowing in, you will be grateful you have made this choice.

The Infographic below shows some other choices just in case you are not satisfied with the mentioned investment options. It is up to you to decide which one to go for.

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Countries that Said 'Hasta La Vista' to Fossil Fuels And Use Clean Energy

Climate Change News: Seven Countries that Said 'Good Bye' to Fossil Fuels And Now Use 100% Clean Energy

We Need Clean Energy For Our Future Now

When Trump took office, he promised that he would eliminate all the regulations imposed by former President Obama to prevent oil companies from damaging the environment. Just last week, he signed the order to rescind these actions which were done by the previous administration.

China has done the exact opposite. They have suffered from grave environmental problems in recent years. The pollution level in the air of Beijing and other key cities are beyond what is allowed for people to breathe. As a result, they have taken a more active stance in fighting global warming.

It takes personal experience to make the right move. This is exactly what happened with China. For smaller countries that have eliminated fossil fuels and used alternative energy, they need not reach the point that they have to suffer before doing anything. They know that as a small country, they can be easily wiped out of the map if they don't do actions right now.

The US might try to go the opposite direction and wait until they suffer from massive natural disasters again, but there are several countries that have already progressed. This is great news as we are at a point of no return. If we don't combat global warming now, it could be too late to do anything later.

The Infographic below shows the countries that have successfully eliminated fossil fuels and used alternative energy to power-houses and companies. There should be more countries following the lead.

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