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Engine fail crash landing Super Bingo - cockpit view!

Airplane Engine fail crash landing - cockpit view. Taichung, TAIWAN We are now experiencing engine failure! In the air. The propeller stop moving. Is there a place to land? Yes? If there's a place to land we shall be OK. Find a flat ground so rescue vehicle can come in. It all relies on your experience now. We are going to force landing! We gonna find a place to land. How about that piece of land? That one? Captain, now we all replies on you. Hit a rock! It's OK. Hit a rock! OK! You GREAT! God damn it!!! You saved my fucking life! It's all right! It's all right! It's all right! We are alive!! We are alive!! We are fucking alive!! Everything else is a OK! Everything else is a OK! It hits a rock! You and I can't never leave each other in this life. I just crash landing with you. You son of gun! Actually, I was freaking scared to death you know? I told him this plane was not.... It's all right! It's all right! It's OK. Shit happens! Oh, it's not bad! We are gonna tow her back!

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This will be a full stop landing!

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