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CNN Video: Hear women voters in South Carolina talk Trump Haley and primary

We could not fetch a description for this CNN video, Hear women voters in South Carolina talk Trump, Haley and primary. Please play the video for full details.

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Video Appears to Show Israeli Air Defense Intercepting Iran's Drones
Sat, 13 Apr 2024 17:10:00 GMT Hours after Iran launched drone attacks against Israel, CNN live footage appears to show Israeli air defense intercepting drones.
‘I haven’t seen something like that in the skies here’ Robertson reports from Jerusalem
Sat, 13 Apr 2024 17:00:00 GMT CNN's Nic Robertson reports from Jerusalem as CNN's team is hearing explosions and sirens in the skies above. 'I haven't seen something like that in the skies here' Robertson reports from Jerusalem ...
MAGA fan tells CNN: 'Trump is so doggone close' to Jesus
Fri, 12 Apr 2024 16:32:00 GMT CNN correspondent Donie O'Sullivan took to the streets to talk to evangelical Trump supporters and find out more about why they believe former President Donald Trump is important to the survival of ...
Journalists injured in attack on Gaza refugee camp, including CNN stringer
Fri, 12 Apr 2024 13:11:00 GMT Israeli tanks launched a “targeted attack” where several journalists were working at Nuseirat camp, according to a statement by Turkish state broadcaster TRT.
CNN helps to push the same false equivalency as Fox News over reports of Biden's legal fees
Fri, 12 Apr 2024 13:11:00 GMT On CNN News Central, co-anchor John Berman addressed the Axios story toward the end of a segment, with Berman acknowledging that the DNC payments on Biden’s behalf were “a small amount compared to the ...