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Twenty Two Years Celebrating Puerto Rico on the Grand Concourse Bronx,NYC !

The celebration was specially poignant on this day due to the news that La Isla Del Encanto/The Enchanted Island experience a 5.8 Earthquake on the western end of my birthplace (between the cities of Moca & Isabela )....uncertainty lies ahead ! Proudly marching in the Bronx's Grand Concourse the parade is the prelude to the much bigger 5th Ave parade in June 13 2010 ! Music of Los Pleneros de La 21 from their CD Para Todos Ustedes_ Baila Julia Loiza/Dance Julia Loiza

South Bronx

Welcome to the South Bronx -- poorest U.S. district

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Walking in Bronx - Grand Concourse

tambor de fundamento-ernys 2/2

Timeless Grand Concourse - New York Post

Salsa from Puerto Rico Mix 1.Dj Alex Rico

#4 - Grand Concourse & 183rd - Most Dangerous Street Corners in the Bronx

New York Puerto Rican Day Parade 2009