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Virtual Measurement App Aims to Disrupt Online Apparel Market

We’ve seen some groundbreaking apps literally change the world in the past decade and there is one thing that all of these apps seem to have in common, they disrupt what we consider daily norms. They’ve changed the the way we commute, how we eat, the way we pay, the way we travel, and now possibly the way we try on clothes. Host Annamaria Stewart speaks with Ronen Luzon, the Founder and CEO of tech startup MySize (www.mysizeid.com), a company that allows consumers to use their smartphones to virtually map their bodies to determine the correct size for clothing purchased online. Ronen addresses the $408 billion e-commerce market’s need for technological improvement when it comes to consumer size matching. Currently, 40% of online clothing purchases are returned and the company’s app, MySizeID, hopes to disrupt the online apparel market by offering a solution that can significantly reduce returns for online purchases.

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