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Why Dave Ramsey Hates Reverse Mortgages (But He's Wrong)

Our good buddy Dave Ramsey(who actually isn't licensed as any sort of a financial advisor-or mortgage loan originator) really hates reverse mortgages👿 He hates the reverse mortgage for the following reasons... ✔First, some people have lost their homes because they got reverse mortgages and stopped paying their property taxes(which all homeowners are REQUIRED to do)🙄 ✔Reverse Mortgage interest rates(which seniors don't have to pay) are higher than 3.5%(which is what 15 year fixed mortgages were at). But in the same breath he recommends that seniors get 15 year fixed mortgages, which would destroy most seniors' cash flow... So the question is...does Dave Ramsey UNDERSTAND senior citizens or is he just ranting as CLICKBAIT😂😂😂 Watch this video with an open mind, and let me know if you learned something. Then please subscribe at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCC0Fs1yi7TAPk7mOVT9aT-w?sub_confirmation=1 Finally, for more information feel free to contact me at: www.reversemortgagereality.com/why-does-dave-ramsey-hate-reverse-mortgages/ jasone@reversemortgagereality.com (267) 289 1095

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