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Chinese Army Arrives to Hong Kong to Clean-up After Protests

▶️ Chinese army troops stationed in Hong Kong carry brooms to clean-up streets after the protests on Saturday, November 16. 👉 Protesters had barricaded streets with debris to slow down any police advances on the campus of Hong Kong Baptist University. It was a rare public appearance by the People's Liberation Army on the streets of Hong, where the local government's inability to end more than five months of often violent protest has fueled speculation that Beijing could deploy its troops. Running in formation with brooms instead of rifles, they chanted in military cadence before joining street cleaners removing debris near university campuses where police fired tear gas during at protesters earlier this week. China, which maintains a garrison of about 10,000 soldiers in Hong Kong, publicly noted several times earlier during the protests that it could deploy them, though technically it would have to be requested by Hong Kong's government. Doing so, however, would incur international criticism and revive memories of the army's bloody crackdown on pro-democracy protesters at Tiananmen Square in 1989. https://www.voanews.com/east-asia-pacific/chinese-troops-join-hong-kong-cleanup-protesters-retreat

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