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The Fake Outrage Behind Blac Chyna's Skin Lightening Cream

Welcome back to another episode on the Oshay Duke Jackson Channel. Blac Chyna is facing a lot of criticism for her collaboration with Whitenicious Skin Lightening Cream on November 26, 2018 in Lagos Nigeria. Cameroonian singer Dencia, who founded the company, has been criticized for selling skin bleaching products. However, she has defended them, saying they only treat dark spots and hyperpigmentation. They do not contain bleaching ingredients that could damage the skin, she said in an interview with Ebony magazine in 2014. Whitenicious doesn't have hydroquinone, and it doesn't have steroids, and it doesn't have mercury, she told Ebony. Chemicals in skin-lightening products such as mercury can cause liver damage, reduced resistance to bacterial and fungal infections, anxiety, depression and psychosis, according to the World Health Organization. Though creams containing mercury have been banned in the EU and Korea, whiteners are sold in Nigeria and many other African countries, including Togo and Senegal, without restriction. Blac Chyna's decision has generated fierce criticism. Articles to discuss here: https://edition.cnn.com/2018/11/21/health/blac-chyna-lightening-cream-africa/index.html

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