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How To determine eligibility using the Making Homes Affordable Guidelines and a Loan Mod Calculator

http://www.myLoanModCalculator.org offers a free loan modification calculator that homeowners can use to see if they qualify for a loan modification using the Making Homes Affordable guidelines. HAMP requirements can be confusing because most websites indicate that the target HAMP modification payment is 31% of your gross monthly income. However, determining whether or not that target HAMP modification payment meets the HAMP qualifications for interest rates is more difficult. This video shows you how you can get a good idea about your chances of getting a loan modification with a lower interest rate only, or a lower interest rate with extended terms. Using this loan mod calculator, you can now get this information in just a few seconds. Please leave comments below. Making Home Affordable is An official program of the Departments of the Treasury & Housing and Urban Development. The guidelines are referred to as Making Home Affordable (MHA). These guidelines clearly delineate the method of achieving a required loan modification. We provide homeowners the full making home affordable guidelines. If your current mortgage payment is above the Mortgage Payment Guideline, then you may be eligible for the Home Affordable Modification. You can see if you qualify for a loan modfication and find out what your monthly payment will be.

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