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Stewart Butterfield: How We Scaled the Fastest-Growing Business App Ever

About this presentation Slack is one of the fastest-growing B2B businesses of all time. So how can the company continue to innovate in the face of breakneck growth? In this sit-down interview with Fortune writer Erin Griffith, Slack founder Stewart Butterfield shares how he leads when his team (and bank account) are getting larger each week. His biggest struggle: finding the right people. “Every practice that we develop for how to manage becomes obsolete in 60 days,” he says. Watch more videos here: http://www.99u.com/videos About Stewart Butterfield Stewart Butterfield is the co-founder and CEO of Slack, the platform for team communication. Prior to Slack, Stewart co-founded and lead Flickr from its inception in late 2003 through its 2005 acquisition by Yahoo! and until 2008 by which point it was one of the largest web services in the world with over 50 million users and billions of photos. In nearly two decades working on the web, Stewart has had a distinguished career as a designer, entrepreneur, and technologist. He has been named one of the “100 Most Influential People in the World” by Time Magazine, BusinessWeek‘s “Top 50 Leaders,” and been featured in interviews and articles by hundreds of publications and broadcasters, including the Wall Street Journal, the BBC, The New York Times, CNN, the Financial Times and has appeared on the cover of Newsweek magazine. Butterfield graduated from the Universities of Victoria and Cambridge, with degrees in philosophy and retains academic interests in cognitive science, the history and philosophy of science, and economics. About 99U The 99U delivers the action-oriented education that you didn't get in school, highlighting real-world best practices for making ideas happen.

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