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How to Use Mobile Apps to Watch Mars' Closest Approach Since 2003

How to Use Mobile Apps to Watch Mars' Closest Approach Since 2003 Well, this is it. It's finally here — the time when Earth's orbit will bring us closer to Mars than we've been in 15 years!  This is a worldwide event, although people viewing Mars from low latitudes and from the Southern Hemisphere will see the Red Planet much more clearly than the folks in midnorthern latitudes. While binoculars will show you Mars as little more than a small, bright red dot, even a small telescope can reveal surface features and the polar caps when it is this close. Mars oppos... --------------- Don't Forget Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQM865VOVP5WJTH4heJrVUg?sub_confirmation=1

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SmartPhone Camera Super Zoom Lens (18X) | TheHACKtag Cool Products Online Store

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