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If March Madness were based on academics, would Seton Hall have won?

Though its men's basketball team suffered a crushing blow in the NCAA Tournament Thursday night, Seton Hall can take pride in the fact that if basketball were based on academics, they would have come out on top. Inside Higher Ed recently released its annual March Madness bracket, which is based on the academic performance of basketball teams, as measured by the NCAA. The bracket had Seton Hall not only beating Gonzaga, but going all the way to the Final Four, along with Texas, Arizona, and Indiana. To compile the ranking, Inside Higher Ed says it uses the NCAA's Academic Progress Rate, which is a multiyear measure of a team's classroom performance, and the Graduation Success Rate, which measures the proportion of athletes on track to graduate within six years. Though the ranking admits that the NCAA academic standards are controversial, Seton Hall officials said they were pleased with the final four finish. Our student-athletes have proven time and again, that excellence in the classroom, in addition to on the fields of play, is of the utmost importance, Seton Hall Vice President and Director of Athletics and Recreation Pat Lyons said in a statement. We're delighted to see them recognized in this manner, but we're certainly not surprised. In the Inside Higher Ed's women's team bracket, Seton Hall made it to the Sweet 16, but fell to Belmont. The bracket predicts Texas will take the men's tournament, and Stanford the women's. But, in its more than 10 years compiling the academic bracket, the publication says it has only correctly predicted the winner once. If March Madness were based on academics, would Seton Hall have won? https://youtu.be/l4m1SAoAL_M Thanks for watching must suscribe my channel for more videos. Stories trending now ‪‪Derrick Gordon‬, ‪NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Championship‬, ‪National Collegiate Athletic Association‬, ‪Seton Hall University‬, ‪Gonzaga Bulldogs men's basketball‬, ‪Seton Hall Pirates men's basketball‬‬ Derrick Gordon, NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Championship, National Collegiate Athletic Association, Seton Hall University, Gonzaga Bulldogs men's basketball, Seton Hall Pirates men's basketball NJ.com ‪‪Donald Trump‬, ‪Anonymous‬‬ Donald Trump, Anonymous Newsweek ‪‪Indianapolis Colts‬, ‪Peyton Manning‬‬ Indianapolis Colts, Peyton Manning SkySports ‪‪Tampa‬, ‪Peter O. Knight Airport‬, ‪Jinnah International Airport‬, ‪Karachi‬‬ Tampa, Peter O. Knight Airport, Jinnah International Airport, Karachi Tampabay.com ‪‪Mia Goth‬, ‪Shia LaBeouf‬‬ Mia Goth, Shia LaBeouf Los Angeles Times ‪‪Hawaii‬, ‪University of Hawaii at Manoa‬, ‪Research‬, ‪Laboratory‬, ‪Injury‬‬ Hawaii, University of Hawaii at Manoa, Research, Laboratory, Injury Fox News ‪‪Slidell‬, ‪School‬, ‪Slidell High School‬‬ Slidell, School, Slidell High School NOLA.com ‪‪Netflix‬, ‪Punisher‬, ‪Daredevil‬‬ Netflix, Punisher, Daredevil Hollywood Reporter ‪‪Netflix‬, ‪Pee-wee's Big Holiday‬, ‪Paul Reubens‬, ‪Pee-wee Herman‬, ‪Pee-wee's Big Adventure‬‬ Netflix, Pee-wee's Big Holiday, Paul Reubens, Pee-wee Herman, Pee-wee's Big Adventure Washington Post ‪‪Tray Walker‬, ‪Baltimore Ravens‬‬ Tray Walker, Baltimore Ravens Baltimore Sun ‪‪Madonna‬, ‪Concert‬‬ Madonna, Concert CBS News ‪‪Cuonzo Martin‬‬ Cuonzo Martin USA TODAY ‪‪California State University, Bakersfield‬, ‪Oklahoma‬, ‪NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Championship‬‬ California State University, Bakersfield, Oklahoma, NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Championship Dallas Morning News (blog) ‪‪NCAA Division I Wrestling Championships‬, ‪National Colle

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