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Instagram Adds Ads, FTC Crackdown | [a]listdaily Weekly

If the marketing industry had an office water cooler, the [a]listdaily Weekly would be it. Tune in every Wednesday for a rundown of the most crucial topics du jour. Topics this week include: 00:04 - 01:09 : Instagram Goes Algorithmic—Why this is bad for users, and a win/lose situation for marketers. 01:10 - 02:25 : The FTC Clamps Down On Native Advertising—A cautionary tale of what happens when the FTC makes an example of your brand. 02:26 - 03:32 : Publishers Point The Finger At Adblock—Are adblock software companies really to blame for the current crisis with display advertising? Find us on: [a]listdaily http://www.alistdaily.com http://www.twitter.com/alistdaily http://www.facebook.com/alistdaily IG: @alistdaily http://alistdaily.tumblr.com/ https://www.linkedin.com/company/-a-l... Ayzenberg http://www.ayzenberg.com http://www.facebook.com/ayzenberg http://www.twitter.com/ayzenberg IG: @ayzenberggroup http://ayzenberg.tumblr.com/ https://www.linkedin.com/company/ayze... About our Sponsor Influencer Orchestration Network https://www.ion.co/ Instagram is changing how its feed works. Instead of showing users the most recent posts in their network, the photo-sharing app says it will now be favoring “relevance” over timeliness. Instagram will now be swamping your customers’ feeds with ads. Not surprisingly, users aren’t loving the new trend. Instagram has no plans of backing down. In their defense, Instagram’s engagement remains so high that they can afford to start profiting off of a degraded user experience. However, the hope to bring back the old feed as an option has yet to be ruled out. The Federal Trade Commission has gone after Lord & Taylor for non-disclosure in an ad campaign. The FTC has issued new guidelines on influencer marketing that they are enforcing them. According to AdWeek, 70 percent of publishers are currently not compliant with the new rules. The Lord & Taylor campaign in question paid 50 influencers to post photos of themselves wearing this dress. It was hugely successful, reaching 11.4 million Instagram users and driving 320,000 engagements, equal to over $1.4 million in earned media value, and Lord & Taylor sold out of that dress that weekend. The only problem? It wasn’t clear enough that these influencer posts were ads. Lord & Taylor asked the influencers to hashtag the clothing line, “Design Lab,” as well as the Lord & Taylor account in their posts, and they thought that would be disclosure enough, but it is not.

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