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SNC reaction to resignation of president of Western-backed opposition coallition

Istanbul, Turkey 1. Mid of Syrian National Coalition member Samir Nashar on computer 2. Close of Nashar's hands typing 3. Mid over-the-shoulder of Nashar on computer 4. SOUNDBITE (Arabic) Samir Nashar, Syrian National Coalition: Mr. Mouaz al-Khatib was against the idea of forming an interim rebel government. During the (opposition) meeting in Cairo last month, Mr. al-Khatib was among the people who voted against an interim government. I think al-Khatib was gambling on the initiative he started, which the (Syrian) regime did not respond to. His initiative was to open a dialogue with (Syria's president) Bashar Assad without the precondition of his (Assad's) stepping down. (UN Special Envoy) Lakhdar Brahimi and maybe even the US encouraged him (al-Khatib) to move forward with this dialogue. He felt the interim government prevented this initiative from moving forward. Al-Khatib felt his initiative would not be accepted or achieved so he decided to resign. 5. Close of Nashar's eyes 6. SOUNDBITE (Arabic) Samir Nashar, Syrian National Coalition: I don't know which 'red lines' he drew for himself. But I think he is following a tradition of the political institution he is a member of (the Syrian National Coalition). He felt he was trapped and that he couldn't move outside of the frame of this institution. 7. Close of Nashar's hand 8. SOUNDBITE (Arabic) Samir Nashar, Syrian National Coalition: The presidential committee of the Syrian National Coalition has asked Mr. George Sabra to lead the delegation that will attend the Arab League summit on the 26th and 27th of this month. Then the general assembly (of the SNC) will summon an emergency meeting to elect someone to replace Mouaz al-Khatib. 9. Mid of Nashar talking to his daughter Cairo, Egypt 10. Exterior of Mercure hotel where the Syrian opposition coalition is meeting in Cairo 11. SOUNDBITE: (Arabic) Burhan Ghalioun, former head of the Syrian National Council: I think that the resignation of Mouaz al-Khatib is a great loss not only for the Syrian National Council but also for the whole Syrian opposition. I would like to ask him to take back his resignation especially during this hard time that we are passing through these days. I believe that Mouaz al-Khatib's resignation comes as a message of objection and I wish that they (international community) get the message. 12. Close of a banner of Syrian flag with writing (Arabic) We are all Syrians, united for a country for all of us. STORYLINE A member of Syria's Western-backed opposition has said its president Mouaz al-Khatib resigned because he was against the formation of an interim rebel government. The president's resignation came as the opposition Syrian National Coalition's (SNC) military chief refused to recognise the newly elected prime minister of an interim government for rebel-held areas. The moves reflected deep splits in the body the US and its allies hope will emerge as the united face of the opposition and advance the fight to topple President Bashar Assad's regime. Mouaz al-Khatib was against the idea of forming an interim rebel government, said Syrian National Coalition member Samir Nashar. During the (opposition) meeting in Cairo last month, Mr. al-Khatib was among the people who voted against an interim government, he added. Speaking in Istanbul, where the SNC is seated in exile, Nashar said he believes that al-Khatib's initiative was to open dialogue with the Assad regime, without the much-mooted pre-condition of Assad's agreement to step down, although this position has yet to be verified. Most opposition leaders and activists say Assad's regime has killed too many people to be part of a solution to the conflict. Nashar said a plan was in place to elect al-Khatib's successor. You can license this story through AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/youtube/0a9107897f666e285f9d6c9e05cfb7e5 Find out more about AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/HowWeWork

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