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Donald Trump Leaves White House for Trump Golf Club

US President Donald Trump leaves the White House, Saturday, October 12, en route to the Trump National Golf Club in Sterling, Virginia. U.S. President Donald Trump said Sunday, Oct. 6, he had decided to withdraw some U.S. troops from Syria. Now the United States is finding itself bogged down in northeastern Syria, caught in the middle of an increasingly dangerous fight between two key allies — Turkey and the Syrian Kurds — with neither side giving any sign it will back down. Further complicating matters, U.S. military and intelligence officials say they see indications the Islamic State terror group, also known as ISIS or Daesh, is finding ways to take advantage of the chaos. U.S. Defense Secretary Mark Esper on Friday became the latest senior U.S. official to voice his disapproval, decrying Turkey's military incursion during a hastily scheduled news conference at the Pentagon. https://www.voanews.com/usa/us-watching-northeastern-syria-quickly-turn-quaqmire

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