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Craig Raucher: A Man Of Many Talents

Being involved in the transportation sector for many years, he has held the position as the leader, of many well-known companies, and oversaw a large-scale reorganization method, which combined several foreign and domestic functions, through the single-source provider. These actions helped in developing a sales team which helped in expanding the sales by $17 million and achieved, in the overall revenue growth around $57 million, respective. All these were received, with the skills and talents of Craig Raucher, a man who carries an exceptional knowledge, of all industries.

His love for basketball

Although he is a tough businessman, and handles his work efficiently, by showing his passion and dedication, Craig Raucherhas also leaving his dream, by playing basketball and offering all the basketball lovers, to make show their talents and skills, at the Staten Island Basketball League, which is managed and established, by Craig himself. Therefore, the game of ball is only for those individuals, who age from 30 to 60 and cannot pound themselves on the concrete schoolyards.

To make it easier, he turned an 80-year-old gym, into an indoor basketball court, where season players can come together, to offer their aggression, skills, and talents, in the court. The old gym doors welcome all the individuals, during the nights of Wednesdays and Saturdays, and people from lawyers, policemen, firefighters, and scientist, join hands to play the game of ball together. The leagues also conduct big matches and pick-up games, giving individuals the chance to stay fit and healthy.

Final thoughts

Craig is a man of many talents, and because of that, he carries a good amount of reputation, both in the corporate and sports industry. He is loved for this friendly nature and respected for his intelligence. In years of experience, he has achieved many things and might achieve something, much greater in the future.



on August 30 at 5:03

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