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How to Give Stock Shares as a Gift

Are you looking for an unusual gift to give to your loved one or friend? You might want to consider giving them stock shares. This is turning out to be a popular option especially for those who are already involved in the stock market and trading.

Why give stock shares?

Giving someone stock shares is a symbolic value of wealth. If used wisely, it can be a stepping stone towards financial success. It can also be a symbolic value of a product or company that the recipient truly believes in or loves. Stock shares is also a gift that they will not forget because they have to work at it for it to prosper and grow.

Avoiding tax complications

It is advised that the stock share you give should be under $15,000. Under the Provision of Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, the amount of cash people can give to others under the yearly gift tax exclusion is $15,000 per individual. For married couples, the amount is $30,000 collectively.


Can it be a surprise?

The thing about giving stock shares is that it is hard to make it a surprise since the owner has to be verified. You can buy the share under your name then go through the process of transferring ownership later on but this is definitely more hassle on your part. Why not print some sort of certificate first, give it to them then you can go through the process of buying the stock directly under their name right after. The only exception to this process is if the recipient is a minor. In this case, it is possible to buy shares in their name without needing their verification and you can open an account online.

Is it safe to buy shares online?

Not only is buying shares online safe but it is also easier and allows you to save money and time. When you purchase shares online, you get a confirmation through your email and this confirmation email has a print out image that you can print for your documents. Using online services will also give you a better chance to monitor the value of your stocks easily. Take note though that if you are buying shares online as a gift for someone else, the recipient must also have their own online account. As you can see, giving shares as a gift is not that hard or tricky and it is definitely doable. There are a lot of other gift for friend suggestions that you can run into if you want the unique and unusual but for finance geeks and for those that need some form of financial security, stock shares will definitely be a memorable one that they will never forget.


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