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Goodyear Tires Vs. Michelin Tires: Which Are Safest?

Michelin Tires & GoodYear tires are the leading brands in the tire market that seem to be the most recognizable to tire shoppers. But when it comes to safety there are some general rules of thumb you should use before deciding which tire brand will work best to keep you & your passengers safe and sound.


Tips for Buying The Safest Tires


There are many traits and characteristics that you need to check out, before purchasing any tires - no matter what the brand or type. So, if you are ready to go tire shopping for the safest tires for the road - then you should give big regards to the following expert advice and tips...


Always Buy The Right Size!


You cannot mismatch tire sizes at any cost. You can get the size of your tire off the user manual or inside the driver seat door panel or on the tire itself. The Tire ID number will look something like: P275/50R14. Whenever you go to replace your tires, please refer to this to get the perfect size-match.


Learn All of The Tire Terms


There are all sorts of terms related to the types of tires that are designed and manufactured these days. Terms such as High Performance, All Season, and etc. Not all terms relate to the safety and purpose of the tire, For instance, any performance tagged tires are just built for speed not the time and longevity the tire may last.




Ah! The Mileage Warranty


A warranty claimed by a tire manufacturer may seem appealing and enticing, however in all honesty - the tires never quite live up to the warranties. Typically, most people do not get the great mileage out of their tires that the warranties boast about. If a automobile is heavy, you can count on the tires being worn out, regardless of what type of driver you are. Always read the find print and there are a lot of hoops that you will have to jump through to get the warranty’s benefits.


Find Deals & Bargains


Tires are not cheap! So if you want to purchase a high-grade tire, then in order to get it cheap, you should shop around at local dealerships, online vendors, and other retailers. All of these sources will offer you discount on Goodyear tires and be able to bargain with you depending on their specialties. Shopping this way will also enable you to have other types of savings via tire service coupons and other automotive coupons that can save you money and cost when getting an oil change, having your tires rotated, and more.


Bottom Line: Is Michelin or GoodYear Tires Better or Safer?


There really is not a clear cut answer to this question. However, both companies offer a number of benefits and features to the tires they manufacture. What is safest and most cost-efficient for you really boils down to your shopping wisdom and your personal preference.

on September 7 at 11:13

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