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Craig Raucher – the man behind the Staten Island Basketball League

Raucher is the most dynamic man who has completely altered the basketball scene in the Brooklyn Area, New York. With his vision and hard work, Craig has developed a culture of an amateur basketball league. Several people like you, with different backgrounds, reap benefits from the league that has a rich history. 


His league’s age


The league is existing for thirty-nine years, almost four decades. There are more than four-hundred players who regularly participate in the league. Most of them are middle-aged men and big fans of the game. They nicely gel together for stints on the court that help them revive their youth. You befriend strangers in a few days that improve the overall social vibes.


Background profile 


You must know that Craig Raucher has a background profile of being a corporate in large companies. A top brass like him with vast experience in the shipping industry had the vision to serve the society from multiple perspectives. He currently holds the position pf the Commissioner of the Staten Island League centered on basketball. You would be glad to know that the league maintains a high standard due to his goodwill and fundamental management skills, as a leader. 


The future 

The future of the league is bright because of Craig Raucher thinks of expanding its impact on society. Along with managing the business-related schedules in work-life, Raucher efficiently supervises the proceedings of the basketball league. You can be sure that the amateur league is in safe hands. In the coming days, it will grow bigger by including more players. The interest quotient will also rise as the competition will become more exciting. 



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