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The man who is relentlessly serving the society – Craig Raucher

You might be knowing about many people who have served the society. You must know about Mr.Raucher too. He is one of those rare business honchos who dedicatedly work for the community. You can draw inspiration for your life from him. He is hardworking and has got several talents.

A dynamic person

One of the most dynamic characters in the transportation industry, Craig Raucher, has held numerous leadership positions. He has been the Senior Vice President in a large freight company. He has used much of his earnings for social service projects. He has responsively created the success paths of multinational corporations throughout his life.

Established amateur league

Your heart will be full of astonishment when you know another fact about him. Craig Raucher is the person who has single-handedly shaped the famous informal basket league related to the State Island, New York. The league is gaining more and more popularity with each passing day. Mainly middle-aged officials play basketball at an amateur level in their leisure hours in this league.

Social angle

It is a marvelous effort to bring together strangers under one umbrella. The basketball league aims to make your life better from a social perspective. After working hard all through five days of the week, you finally have a good time rubbing shoulders with your friends at the court.

An enjoyable competition

He arranges a competition of basketball games twice per week for amateur players like you. Everyone enjoys being a part of the games either as a player or as an audience. He has undoubtedly revived the amateur basketball circuit in Brooklyn area.


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