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Real Money Slots

Deal or No Deal – The Banker’s Riches is a mobile slot game inspired by the epic TV series. It features everything you could possibly want, including a free spin round, a reel feature and a jackpot that would make most real life contestants jealous. All of this is wrapped up with the classic motifs and symbols of the popular Channel 4 game-show, making this a winner with both casino and TV fans alike. Does the Deal or No Deal – The Banker’s Riches slot use a standard Slot Base-Game?

There is nothing to tricky about the Deal or No Deal – The Banker’s Riches reel game. Even though you can find casino games out there on Android, i-Phone and tablet platforms that perfectly mimic the TV-show, the base-game here is a standard slot machine set up that plays out across twenty pay-lines. There are two special symbols to help you on your winning ways:

Wild – This is the special Deal or No Deal wild symbol that can substitute where-ever possible to help you complete those all important winning combinations on the reels. Scatter – Stop in three of these black telephone symbols and you’ll soon be in contact with the Banker who will award you with one of three cool features. The Reel Banker free spin round, the Banker’s Best Offer cash game and the Deal or No Deal jackpot game are all accessed through this mechanism. How does the Free Spin round work?

There’s a ton of prizes waiting for you in the free spin round. This is a very simple bonus game that’s available from the three scatter system in the base-game, known as the Reel Banker. Here you get unlimited spins on the reels with all prizes paid out at double their normal value until you hit the Banker symbol on the middle reel – sometimes this will be a fairly short bonus, but at other times it can run on for a huge number of spins allowing you to bank a massive prize.

What is the Banker’s Best Offer?

The banker’s best offer is a sub-game that’s activated when you hit three of the black telephone scatters. This takes you to a second screen where you’re offered a cash amount, which you can accept or refuse. Each offer is unique and once you’ve refused an offer you can’t return to it – you’re given ten chances to accept an amount and if you haven’t selected an earlier amount you’re forced to take the final offer.

How similar is the Deal or No Deal jackpot game to the TV show?

This is the part of the Deal or No Deal – The Banker’s Riches slot that’s most like the famous Endemol game show. Here you’re given twenty six different boxes – pick wisely as one of these could contain the big money progressive jackpot. In classic Deal or No Deal fashion you then choose six boxes, which are then opened and the amounts removed from the board. After this the Banker makes an offer equivalent to the average amount left in all the boxes discarding the progressive jackpot. Take it or continue, the choice is yours, and like the real life gameshow you’ll get four more chances before you can take the final amount in your chosen box.

Why should I Max Bet on Deal or No Deal – The Banker’s Riches?

When you load up Deal or No Deal – The Banker’s Riches, you’ll notice there are three different progressive jackpots that are displayed above the reels. In order to stand a chance of hitting the biggest prize on offer here, you’ll need to bet the maximum – if you bet less then you’ll only be able to win one of the lesser jackpots in the jackpot game.

on October 23 at 7:40

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