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The insightful Craig Raucher about whom you should know 

Knowledge about Mr.Raucher, one of the most well-known philanthropists would make you admire him. His perseverance and wisdom show directions to build a developed society. He has guided several folks in the business world to climb the ladder of success. The world today desperately needs strong personalities like him.


Rich experience


Craig Raucher did his graduation in business administration, passing with flying colors in 1975. Soon after that, he quickly gained recognition in the corporate world. With his impeccable sense of innovation and focus, he rose to the ranks of General Manager, CEO, President in numerous top-notch multinational companies. His insight and intelligent planning helped the various companies to grow, earning millions of dollars of profit.


Pioneer in a pickup basketball 


Another feather in his crown is establishing a vibrant culture of pickup basketball in the region of Staten Island in New York. Adding a unique dimension to the bustling New York City is one of the most significant achievements of Craig Raucher. The pickup game culture has remarkably improved the amateur basketball scene in Staten Island in the past thirty-nine years. Mr.Raucher is undoubtedly one of the pioneers in this regard. His diligence has paid off and puts smiles on the faces of many people like you.


An idol for you

His leadership has also established a pickup basketball league that is immensely popular. As a middle-aged man, you can play with like-minded folks and revive your enthusiasm for the game. The training and gym facilities that you get are flawless. Mr. Raucher deserves a big round of applause for his contribution to society.




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