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Craig Raucher – The dynamic personality who inspires everyone

No amount of appreciation seems enough for the indomitable Mr.Raucher. If you want to be a successful person in life, then you should follow his path of hard work, sincerity, and honesty. He is one of the most reputed business leaders in the New York region. In the field of social services, too, his contributions are worth admiring. To start a venture or to establish an identity, you must follow his dynamism. 


Excellent leadership skills 


He graduated from Brooklyn College forty-four years ago, with a degree in Business Administration. Soon after, he took responsibility as an executive in the DHL Airways, which later transformed into the leading courier service company, DHL. It was his leadership skills, strategic management policies, and insight that made DHL the largest courier company in the world. Craig Raucher revolutionized the infrastructure of freight operations across different mediums. Several enthusiastic folks in the business world tried to emulate and implement his policies in their companies. 


Passionate about pickup basketball


But if you think that he was successful only in the corporate world, then you would be wrong. In the social sphere, too, he showed his leadership expertise and influenced people from all walks of life. Craig Raucher has been the epicenter of the Staten Island pickup basketball culture. He strategized and formed a community tradition that lets middle-aged men play amateur basketball. If you are passionate about basketball, you can also be a part of this thriving community. He should be the idol of every hard-working person like you who dreams of achieving big things in life. 




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