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Why does not the laptop connect to Wi-Fi?

The most popular problem of a number of Internet connections and Wi-Fi networks, when the laptop does not connect to the Wi-Fi network. We have many questions on our site about this subject, and we are often asked what to do if the laptop does not want to connect to the internet via Wi-Fi. I decided to write an article by myself where I described all the possible causes and their related solutions when connecting to Wi-Fi networks.
We will review laptops and computers with built-in Wi-Fi. In short, all computers can connect to the wireless Internet. Thus, this article will be useful for Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10. On our site, there are many special instructions with solutions regarding various specific problems for Wi-Fi on laptops with Windows 7, as well as with Windows 10.
The question "what to do if the laptop does not connect to Wi-Fi" does not contain any concrete information. There may be many causes for which you can not connect the computer to the Wi-Fi network, as well as their solutions. In reality, the computer is not always guilty. I will try to examine all possible problems in turn so that you can solve them yourself without any problem. Of course, everyone has different laptops, settings, problems, errors, and so on. All this is probably the complication of the task because the preparation of a universal education that would absolutely help everyone is really difficult.
If you have the laptop with Windows installed, the Wi-Fi box that distributes the network, and you can not connect your laptop to the Internet via the wireless network, you can not cope, so this article should you help.
I divide all the problems of connection and functioning of the Internet into three categories:
  • The laptop does not detect the network at all: the network card is disabled, the driver is not installed.
  • The computer detects the Wi-Fi network, but it does not connect: the password is incorrect, "unable to connect", infinite connection, etc.
  • The laptop connects to the wireless network, but the internet does not work: "Without access to the Internet," "Limited."
  • Some time PCI wifi card is not working well so the user need to buy a new card, recommendations here
What to do if your laptop does not detect the Wi-Fi network?
We start with the problem when your computer does not detect wireless networks at all. In this case, you are absolutely sure that your Wi-Fi network is working well, there are neighboring networks and you see them on other devices. But they are not displayed in the list of available Windows networks.

on November 19 at 11:14

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