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Fantasy Sports A Million Dollar Business includes Fantasy Cricket and Football – FanFight

Fanfight is the Best Online Real Fantasy Sports Portal in India. Fanfight is the India's Top most Online Fantasy Cricket Platform to play Realistic Fantasy Cricket League Online.

Fanfight offers wide range of Daily Online Play Fantasy Cricket Games and Win Real Cash. Signup for Fanfight and Start Playing Fantasy Cricket League to experience the best Cricketing on our Fantasy Cricket App. So what are you waiting..... Download Fantasy Cricket App now and Start Playing and enjoy the benefit of Win cash Prizes.

Fantasy Cricket sports platforms are expected to see a huge traction in India. This is happening due to IPL, T20 and World Cup. People are Keen to play fantasy Cricket games online and the numbers may increased by 10 crore users by 2020. Users are most actively engaging with the fantasy sports to find the real gaming experience online.

Enjoy Playing wide range of Daily Fantasy Sports and get a chance to win cash prizes by Playing Fantasy Cricket Games Online. On Fanfight App you can feel the best user experience  With fast cash deposit and withdrawal, option of instant withdrawal, Paytm deposit & 24/7 customer support;.
Fantasy Sports: Ever since sports was first introduced on television, it obviously attracted everybody’s attention. You can associate all the exciting adjectives with sports and it literally transcends the experience to a whole new level. There’s a vehement agreement among sports fanatics that telecasting sport has been the best step ever. If that was a move forward, the initiation of Fantasy Sports was a massive leap into the future. 

Fantasy Sports in India was introduced in the year 2001 and since then it’s always been on the rise. From 2 million users in 2016 to 20 million in 2018, the increase in number doesn’t seem to stop. One portal which has been a major contributor in escalating fantasy cricket and fantasy football has been FanFight. How has it bettered fantasy sports experience? Let’s take a look.


Fantasy sports in India is a newbie and ours being a cricket crazy nation, the introduction of fantasy cricket has created pandemonium in the cricketing niche. The increase in the number itself is an evidence stating fantasy cricket and fantasy football are here to stay. In less than a year, this fantasy sports portal has garnered more than a million fantasy sports players. 

The introduction of a 11-man fantasy has been an absolute game changer. Creating a fantasy team within the allotted budget and competing against other users is an enthralling experience. More so, because you have a chance to win cash daily.

A fantasy sports user has a chance to win cash daily on FanFight as Fantasy Cricket and fantasy football matches are scheduled almost every day throughout the year. All a user has to do is enter a competition, create his/her best 11-man team and compete with other users. 

The chosen players perform in real-time and the users win points based on the players they choose. The user with the highest points wins the competition and the winnings are distributed considering the rankings. That’s how incredibly simple fantasy cricket & fantasy football is on FanFight.


On Android, FanFight has made quite an impression. With over 1.4 million users and over a million downloads, the application has hit new highs. Creativity is the norm at FanFight. Fantasy Cricket and Fantasy Football hit a new dimension with the introduction of 11-man fantasy. The consistency at which it’s been able to function has made it an immediate hit.

You can then select a fixture, create your best 11-man team, compete with other fantasy players and win cash daily. Yes! You can play fantasy cricket and fantasy football every day and win cash daily. Download FanFight Android App now iOS users can Download FanFight iOS App and start winning cash daily.



There’s always been a need to introduce fantasy sports to the Indian crowd and in a country where there are over 200 million cricket consumers, this very decision to give the users a portal where they can win cash daily has turned out to be a master stroke. According to IFSG(Indian Federation of Sports Gaming), the number of fantasy sports players will reach a colossal 100 million by 2020. What are you waiting for? Install the finest fantasy sports application, start playing and start winning cash daily.

 Fantasy cricket and play fantasy football daily for money. Daily Fantasy Cricket and fantasy football now only a touch away. Hurry!

We’ve got the latest news, match previews on Cricket and Football on our blog. Check out our previous match previews and the latest Cricket & Football news.


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