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Hoverboard and Self balance Scooters manufacturer

Hoverboards and self-balancing scooters are a trend of today started in 2015. Hoverboards have been in talks for good and bad. Adults and kids like it alike. These hoverboards come in different sizes and colors as per the preference of the customers.

Hoverboards have been dangerous also. These mobile devices would explode when charging or just idle. It happened because due to its growing market, many manufacturers joined and sold products with low-quality batteries. The hoverboard trend went down.

To make sure that the consumers got a quality product, a UL 2272 certification was started. The companies who passed this certification are the trusted ones. The companies who were already ahead in the hoverboard business brought all their products back, certified them and then continued their business.

Some of the trusted hoverboard and self-balancing scooters are listed below:


Segway is the first name that comes to the mind when it comes to these mobile devices. It is one of the best hoverboard manufacturers in the USA. It was among the first who introduced the hoverboard to the market. All its products are UL 2272 certified. It means that all its products are fire hazard-free.

The best product Segway has to offer in miniPRO. It is favored on Amazon. The highest view product on the platform. The target-customers are business professionals, although it is famous among high-end Americans. For the ones looking for a means of personal transport, Segway is the answer.


For the ones who want to take hoverboard riding to extremes, Epikgo is the answer. It will make its rider to an adventurous ride. Like Segway, Epikgo is also a famous name in off-roading hoverboard riding. It offers four models of hoverboards. Two of these are suitable for off-riding and the other two for sports performance.

The tires of Epikgo lets its riders take the hoverboard on any terrain like grass, gravel, and sand. These models are available with Bluetooth and non-Bluetooth. People who are willing to spend further can go for Bluetooth and others can go for non-Bluetooth models.
Epikgo is an expensive company, but every penny is worth its cost.


Swagtron was on top of the market when it came to hoverboards. But when the safety standards hit in 2015, the company went a little down. It brought all its products back and updated all its products according to the standards. With this move, it did place itself on the top manufacturers of the hoverboards.

The company has also improved the hoverboards over time. Swagtron is offering four models to its customers. The different range and prices of hoverboards have made it open for all types of riders. Swagtron, the entry-level hoverboard, is at an affordable price for teens, Students and first-time hoverboard riders.

Swagtron T6 is a model for the people looking for a rugged model. It is designed for off-roading. The tires are more significant and suitable for any terrain. The price is also lower than Epikgo. Swagtroni is appropriate for personal transportation.

Other manufacturers can be trusted when it comes to hoverboards and self-balancing scooter. Other manufacturers are Mega Wheel, Tomoloo Hoverboard, Gotrax Hoverboards, Razor Hovertrax, and others. When it comes to such mobile devices, always go with the one which is certified and tested.


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