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In Vitro Toxicology Testing Market: Technological Growth Map over Time

Toxicology or toxicity, also known as ‘the science of poisons,’ is a method of testing the opposing effects of any drug, chemical or other agent administered in the body. It, thus, analyses the adverse effects of various toxins on all living organisms.

In vitro toxicology testing does not make use of whole animals or whole organisms. It rather uses tissue slices, isolated organs, cell lines isolated primary cell cultures, explants cultures, and subcellular fractions such that of mitochondria and membranes.

In vitro toxicology testing also helps in determining the drug safety profile at an early stage, thus saving a considerable amount of time and resource investment.

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Key Drivers and Restraints of Global In Vitro Toxicology Testing Market

Scientific concerns over animal experiments have been raised in the field of toxicology testing. It entails problems such as difference between various test animals and resultant effects of toxicants, characterization of actions of these toxins on different animals, and categorization of test animals on the basis of their biology and effects of toxins.

Animal testing has been in effect since long; however, the implementation of in vitro toxicology testing is an alternative to animal testing. It is effective and harmless as compared to animal testing.

In vitro toxicology is cost effective and growing ethical concerns worldwide are expected to drive the in vitro toxicology market during the forecast period. Pharmaceutical companies are, thus, increasingly shifting their focus from animal testing to in vitro toxicology testing.

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Advantages of in vitro toxicology testing over traditional methods of animal testing in terms of quick turnaround time and better sample control will also help the global market to grow at a rapid rate.

Opposition to animal testing will have a major impact on the in vitro toxicology testing market, as animal testing will be reduced to a large extent.

Cellular Assay Technology Segment to Lead Global In Vitro Toxicology Testing Market

In terms of technology, the global in vitro toxicology testing market can be divided into cellular assay, biochemical assay, in silica, and ex-vivo

In the present scenario, cellular assay methods are widely used by industries in safety assessment, risk evaluation, and toxicity testing. The cellular assay method is mainly used to elucidate mechanisms of toxicity in a drug and its effect on a cell or a tissue.

Pharmaceutical Industry Segment to Offer Growth Opportunities

Based on end-user, the global in vitro toxicology testing market can be categorized into cosmetics & household products, pharmaceutical industry, food industry, and chemicals industry

Pharmaceutical industry is estimated to be a highly lucrative segment. Pharmaceuticals play a major role in in vitro toxicology testing, as the test is to identify the toxicity of various chemical drugs and their effects on the human body. Chemicals are used in various products, which has a direct or indirect effect on the human body .Thus, in vitro toxicology can be useful in finding the toxic nature of such chemicals and their effects on the human body.

North America to Lead Global In Vitro Toxicology Testing Market

The global in vitro toxicology testing market can be divided into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and Middle East & Africa. North America is a significant market for in vitro toxicology testing due to the presence of several key market players.

Substantial investments in research and development by various end-user segments in the region are anticipated to drive the global in vitro toxicology testing market in North America.

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Key Players Operating in Global In Vitro Toxicology Testing Market

Key players operating in the global in vitro toxicology testing market are Abbott Laboratories, Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc., Agilent Technologies, Inc., Cyprotex, Charles River Laboratories, Inc., Covance, Inc., Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc.

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