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Online Age Verification Checks to Restrict Minors

Internet space has created various opportunities for the businesses. People can purchase stuff online, sitting in one corner from the other end of earth. There is a lot of stuff which one can do online without getting out of his comfort zone like studies, research, shopping, etc.


But with good things the internet has also brought many bad aspects such as online scams and frauds. One of the alarming concerns is easy access of children to the internet. There is no shield that is there to prevent children from accessing content that might not be legal for them.


So it is crucial to have proper Age verification online checks to save children from having access to things they should not not have access to. There is verily a lot of data and material available on the internet that is appropriate for someone but illegal for the other. Identity verification solutions with proper age checks must be deployed to halt minors from crawling into such data online. 

According to recent research, 93% of teenagers, under 18 have access to the internet. Government and other regulatory authorities have started taking notice as a large number of children have easy access to the internet. To prevent minors from accessing such content many rules and regulations are placed.


As a moral responsibility and to comply with regulations online retailers need to have proper channels for age verification in their systems. It is mandatory to prevent underage children from browsing inappropriate content and avoid breaking the laws set by regulatory authorities.

Age Verification

Moreover, websites failing to have a proper age verification mechanism will have to pay a hefty amount of fine to the regulatory authorities.  Easy access to various content and products for children has become a headache for parents and retailers. Age restricted products are sold to minors despite their adverse effect. Products like tobacco, alcohol, fireworks, and violent video games create serious problems for minors. 

Age Verification- A Shield for Minors

By deploying digital age verification checks, online websites can restrict the access of underage people on content that is not made for them. Such verification measures can prevent access to age-restricted products and require users to verify their age before entering a website.


The verification is done properly by asking users to upload a photo or updating government issued ID card details as a proof. There are many reasons why online space needs to abide by the age verification laws. Following are the reasons why a business need mandatory age verification checks:

  • To Abide by Regulatory Authorities

It is mandatory for online businesses to have proper age verification checks integrated into their systems as per laws by regulatory authorities. Failing to do so can open the gates for minors for easy access to age restricted content and products. 

  • To Avoid Hefty Fines

If a business fails to abide by the mandatory age verification related regulations it will eventually have to pay a hefty amount of fines. It is also necessary to fulfill AML KYC Compliance. So to be on the sage side business must incorporate a proper age verification system. 

  • To Prevent Age Restricted Products from Minors

Businesses need to ensure age restricted products must not be sold to underage individuals. So there should be a proper way to authenticate that the user buying such products is not a minor. Selling age restricted products to minors also leads to paying heavy fines.


on March 17 at 10:34

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