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Tips How do you make a homemade monogram?

Before getting into how to make a monogram and stuff, let’s first understand what actually a monogram is? Because to make anything, you should have basic knowledge about it. 
What is a monogram? 
A monogram is nothing but a symbol which incorporates more than one letters that are assembled together. Monograms are usually created by mixing a person or business’s initials for the sake of the branding of symbol or logo. Creating a design by yourself is the easiest work when you use the right instructions and resources.
Also, there are some monogram makers available in the market that will help you to create your best type of monograms in no time without getting into hectic procedures. To make monograms, you can use initials or any letter of your choice, any font, style and colours to make sure that give your type of vibes. After that, you can download the design and use it for whatever which also includes invitation cards or business deal cards. 
Now, we all know that what actually a monogram is? Do you have any idea that you can DIY monograms at home? Yes! we all already have materials required for how to make monograms at our home. You just need to learn basics and tricks to make your own monograms.
Before getting into hardcore tips of making monograms, let’s first understand what is there you should know for DIY monograms. 
 How to make a monogram. 
1. It must be simple yet attractive and of course, unique. 
Monogram would be a window of your business or brand to the world, therefore, it is necessary to keep it simple yet attractive and unique. Something that makes people curious to know more about you. Even if you are a service which is providing services of monogram designing, your own monogram should be something really unique and attractive.
People often make monograms so crowded that has so many items at a single place, which is fine, there are so many businesses that go with this theme. But, if you are not one of that business, try to keep it simple, small yet authentic. 
2. Do not go for so many colours 
Colours are meant to attract people and if your monogram is not attracting people because of its colour, then there is no use of it. It is suggested that while you make your own monograms, try to use less colour but attractive ones. Yes! selecting the accurate colour palette is challenging work but for the sake of your brand, you need to do it. Do not make a monogram that looks like a rainbow, create something beautiful with colours.
Every colour in your colour palette has a unique and attractive attraction to spread some kind of message. Choose wisely, what kind of message you want to convey through your logo. You can take the help of internet for more information about colours like what does that particular colour’s means? or what kind of message it could spread. 
3. Remember one thing, Typography is essential. 
Choosing the correct font size, and type is one of the biggest challenges when it comes to creating monogram on your own. After scaling it down, you need to be sure that the size of the font is legible. Typography is hard but once it has done, it can influence the design of monogram in a great way. Buzzword from using more than two types of fonts. Try to use one or two maxima in a great way to create an authentic and unique look. 
4. You can experiment in your way. 
Everyone has got their sense of style which is why we all are unique and different but beautiful. You can create your sense of style in your monogram without hesitating, of course, this is your monogram, it should be more in your style. Play around and create a unique design. 
5. You can use Vector Format 
There is absolutely no need to worry about the quality of the logo in whatever size and font when it is in vector format. It always looks best regardless of the size of the monogram. So, yes! you can use it if you have no fresh ideas. It could be your real saviour. 
See, there are plenty of methods to create your design or monogram. What it actually needs you to create a design for your brand is a clear idea of your brand. People, generally ask how to draw monogram initials, which is indeed an easy work, if you have resources and a clear idea of what you want to convey through that initial or any letter. It all depends on the type of niche; you are working on. 
Here, are some methods which you can use to create monogram on your own. 
1. Use Sequins/rhinestones or even beads 
You can use sequins/rhinestone or beads to fill the inside of the monogram or if you want to, you can use to fill the outside space in a negative embroidery. It would look good if you are designing a logo for shirts or dresses. 
2. Print the monogram on the fabric 
It is one of the easiest ways to design a logo. Fabric printing is a more efficient way to get the monogram on the fabric. You can check how to get print monograms on the fabrics on the internet, in case you do not know about it. It would be a great and easy way to create a monogram on your own in less time.
3. Paint the monogram 
Yes! you can also paint the monogram, if it is a monogram with a thick outline, the painting would be the best idea for you. You just have to create a design and fill it with your type of colours to add your vibes. If you don’t know how to draw, then you can also trace the design and then fill it with colours. 
Monogram is not a big deal to crack if you have the right resources and of, course tips like what we have just told you. 

on March 23 at 7:02

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