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Path of Exile fight back'. the '.01%'

Why are casuals playing an activity that is decidedly niche ? you'll find hundreds of games that already suck your dick balls deep for moving your mouse around.

Sorry, when I started playing farmville it was marketed as being the 'hardcore arpg youve been waiting for', significantly less an 'arcade clicker heroes simulator the place you destroy hordes of enemies.

 Whose mechanics dont matter knowning that they dont fight back'. the '.01%' and 'masochists' is who the overall game in POE Trade was originally designed around, which is the reason why Im still playing it but not other 'modern' arpgs.

You need to take your individual advise and prevent control everyone else's experience. that also includes people who like POE Goods games bending them over and dreaming them mercilessly from the dream.

on January 7 at 5:45

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