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Medical Marijuana and its Incredible Benefits

In the year 1999, the Institute of Medicine was carrying out a study that was sponsored by the US Government. According to the findings of the study, medical marijuana had several beneficial properties and was useful in the treatment of nausea that resulted from Chemotherapy and also, in treating wasting that was caused by AIDS. Since 1999 several studies have revealed the effectiveness of medical marijuana in relieving pain. In the year 1996 California legalized marijuana use for medical purposes and became the first-ever state to do so. Today there are 24 or more states that have legalized the medical marijuana. Here are some benefits of medical marijuana:

Helps in the Prevention of Alzheimer’s

It is believed that the active ingredient in medical marijuana is THC and it is effective in slowing down the progression of the disease called Alzheimer’s. It is effective in prevention of Alzheimer’s. THC retards the formation process of amyloid plaques simply by blocking the specific enzyme that actually makes them. Amyloid plaques are responsible for killing the brain cells thereafter, causing Alzheimer’s disease.

Effective in Controlling Epileptic Seizure

Studies have revealed the efficacy of medical marijuana in controlling epileptic seizures. It is believed that synthetic marijuana and marijuana extract was administered to epileptic rats. The drugs containing THC were effective in stopping the seizure in around 10 hours. Studies revealed that THC was able to control the epileptic seizures as it was able to bind the brain cells that were responsible for regulating relaxation and controlling volatility.

Great for Relieving Arthritis

According to some research findings, cannabis is effective in reducing inflammation and pain as well as promoting sleep. This fact could be helpful in relieving pain as well as discomfort for patients with rheumatoid arthritis. It is believed that some patients were asked to have Sativex that is a cannabinoid-based medicine for pain relief. After two weeks, the same patients experienced a remarkable reduction in pain and improvement in their condition thanks to a definitely better quality of sleep than placebo users.

Helpful in Soothing Tremors for Patients Suffering from Parkinson’s Disease

Recent Israeli studies reveal that smoking marijuana could reduce tremors and pain considerably and improve sleep quality in Parkinson’s disease patients. There was a noticeable enhancement in the patient’s fine motor skills.

Effective in Improving Lung Health

Medical marijuana is known to assist in the reversal of the carcinogenic effects of tobacco. It is effective in improving lung health. Studies revealed that marijuana was effective in improving lung functions and also, increasing lung capacity. Research extending over two decades reveals that pot users definitely revealed an increased lung capacity, whereas, tobacco smokers gradually lost lung function. 

Helps to Protect the Brain Post Stroke

According to some research findings that were presented by the University of Nottingham, cannabis could be useful in protecting our brain from the damage that might have been caused due to a stroke, by reducing the extent of the affected area. Many other studies have demonstrated the fact that cannabis has some neuroprotective effects.

Helps in the Treatment of Inflammatory Bowel Diseases

Studies suggest that people suffering from inflammatory bowel diseases such as ulcerative colitis may actually be benefitted by marijuana use. Some chemicals such as cannabidiol and THC are known to be interacting with cells in your body that affect the immune system and gut function. THC-type body chemicals increase the intestinal permeability allowing bacteria. The cannabinoids in medical marijuana help in blocking these body-cannabinoids. They effectively stop this permeability and tighten the intestinal bond.

These are just some of the countless benefits of medical marijuana. Medical science is still carrying out researches and studies for proving its benefits in some more fields.

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