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Top 9 Social Media Marketing Tools for 2020

12 Fundamental Components Of Social Media Marketing Explained

The number of social media users in increasing worldwide. While this figure will continue to grow, it is important for social media managers to look for better Social Media marketing tools and guidelines that will help you pave your way up to a wider audience.


Best Social Media Marketing Tools 2020


Make sure that the tools you use, are reliable and updated as per the newer guidelines. Since trends for social media marketing continue to change, below mentioned are some tools that will help you in improving efficiency and make work easier.


1. Socialbakers Suite


Socialbakers Suite comes along a complete range of services that support your activities for social media marketing. It provides you with everything including content intelligence, audience analysis, analytics scheduled posts along with managing social media influencer campaigns.


It is known to be the first AI-powered suite for social media management. With the help of this platform, you can easily gather market intelligence, track online conversations, find influencers, let marketers find their personas, and measure marketing ROI; all in a single place.


2. Agorapulse


If you were looking for affordable social media marketing tools, this one could a great pick for you. It allows you to schedule posts and side by side market your brand on social media. You can create promotions, contests, and quizzes to ensure engaging interactions with the audience.


Along with all the efforts for posts and engagements, this tool offers you in-depth analysis so that you can continue and keep up your efforts accordingly. You can switch very easily among different social media channels and maintain your campaigns and good results from them.


3. Sprout Social


It is a popular name among tools for social media marketing. It offers marketing, social media management, customer care, data intelligence solutions and analytics for leading agencies and brands.


It can perfectly assist you with social listing and let you schedule posts. You can also access the detailed analytics for your account; delegate tasks to co-workers and manage campaigns well.


4. Buffer


While you may be seeking a solution that lets you schedule posts easily on various social media channels, Buffer is a perfect place to be at. You will be able to post your content seamlessly within a few clicks across various social media accounts you’re handling.


The best part is that it lets you track your performance, providing in-depth analytics for the same. Apt for social sharing, you may use this tool to browse content, schedule posts and save posts just by clicking on the Buffer icon.


5. Oktopost


With Oktopost, you can measure, manage and monitor various activities on social media. Designed especially for B2B businesses, the content curation feature of this tool makes it most wanted.


It is believed to be one of the first solutions to analyze social media ROI. It provides with alls services that may be suitable to bridge the gap between social media platforms and the prevailing generation.


6. Cool Tabs


With Cool Tabs, you can look into monitoring social networks in a way you get to know the opinion of the audience about your brand. It helps in availing curated content with respect to your brand.


It is one of the best platforms to offer you a complete solution for creating a simple and interactive audience that builds an efficient audience for your brand. It also offers appropriate analytics so that you come up with ways that make your campaigns more effective.


7. BuzzSumo


BuzzSumo is known to be one of the best social media marketing tools. Along with management, it helps you to come up with interactive topics based on your domain.


This tool helps you to catch up with topics that are trending and find influencers that support your niche. This will help you make out the highest profits from content marketing, influencer marketing, and overall social media marketing.


8. Followerwonk


This is known to be the best social marketing tool to handle, manage and analyze activities on Twitter. It lets you connect with the most relevant influencers and analyze activities on the platform.


You can compare your social graph with others to make out where you may be lagging behind and make appropriate changes to create a relevant place among your competitors. It also offers various features that support multitasking and coordination.


9. Audience


This is a perfect tool for social intelligence that lets you find and appropriately segment the target audience. It is known to be absolutely supportive of handling matters like audience engagement and provides the best insights for the same.


It also has twitter direct chatbots for messages which makes things even more interesting. You can use it well to connect with a larger audience. And get to know where you need to put in more effort using the insights and analytics it offers. 


10. Tagboard


Tagboard is a great tool to help you out with social listings with the least efforts. You just need to enter hashtags or topics of your concern and the tool will give away all the insights regarding the social position of the same.


This is something important to let you know about the best topics that can be covered for your page. Detailed analytics remains to be the best factor with respect to this tool. You can make sure better functioning, in the long run, using it.  


Summing Up


There may be social media managers who wish to see an organic audience for their brand. But since platforms are continually improvising; focusing on higher quality and demand-driven content, it would be vital to seek help.


Depending on one of the best social media management toolswill always prove to be great in order to see relevant results and seek an appropriate place on the web.

The above-discussed tools are well researched and updated based on present-day requirements. Make sure you use them perfectly to fetch the most from their potentials. They will definitely help you to come up with effective ways to make a relevant appearance on the web and offer engaging content to the audience. 

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