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Camilla Otkjær | Holmegaard near Bagenkop – A Team Building Expert, Bringing Learning Abilities and Forth Positivity to the Workplace


A high-performing team paves the way for collaborative achievement by attaining greater clarity on team’s dynamics that builds trust and accountability. When each individual within the organisation focuses on the same goal, you’ll be able to unlock the potential value of your team members and create a win-win situation. In the long run, teams with a clear vision as well as purpose, good chemistry and dynamic communication skills can drive better results.

I always wanted to build a team that engages in extensive discussion, understands both team and individual performance goals and stays motivated so that everybody can win. But due to lack of effective communication and teamwork in my team, quality delivery and strategic management seemed impossible. A friend of mine of a similar niche suggested to me approach a team building expert who creates the right balance between customers’ needs and teams’ performance.

On the very next day, I started my research and came across the experience and expertise of Camilla Otkjær, holds an extensive background in finance, project management and team progression. Her core focus is to build strong relationships and performances to meet the expectations of end-customers, this is what makes her step ahead from the rest. 

Camilla Otkjær, Bagenkop – Developed My Team’s Execution Strategy Through Case-Oriented Approach

I have enrolled in ‘Elite Corpset Bootcamp’ program, also termed as ‘Company Day’ or ‘Team Day’ session, specially designed to incorporate compassion and enthusiasm into the workplace culture to secure good results. This could bring the greatest opportunity to the front for hotel operations, military groups, sports centres, camp schools and other leadership positions. Since she was involved in the accommodation of asylum seekers and business-related activities, she seems to be the right choice to fill the communication gaps within my team and overcome certain obstacles.

The 1-day course isn’t just for entertainment purpose but has brought great experiences in my organisation where each member has been challenged, tested and improved on basic military settings. As we deal with immigration service in Holmegaard near Bagenkop, she solved a lot of areas and tasks that require planning, courage, collaboration, trust and proper execution. The team training course made a big difference in my teams’ behaviour, everyday activities and learning abilities. Now each member of my team is oriented toward problem-solving and removing obstacles that may affect our future growth. 

This session made me realise one thing that when satisfaction of members goes up, they stay engaged in their work equally and everybody wins. 

on May 18 at 2:26

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