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How to Effectively Collect Feedback about your Business?

You know that only 1/3 of entrepreneurs collect feedback . Others either do not believe in their effectiveness or simply expect visitors to write for themselves. What category do you belong to?

If you also have a waiting family in your office, it's time to fix it.

1. Write a letter
Simple and effective. Ask your customers how the product helped them, or offer to tell a story. If you have been  coaching , then remember this letter. We constantly invite our students to talk about their results. And to do this, not just like that, but for additional advertising on our website:

Email requesting feedback

In a response letter, you can get a more frank review than using other methods. This channel is not publicly available (like social networks) and more personal (as opposed to polling), therefore it makes it possible to start a rather interesting conversation.

But even the simple way has its pitfalls. And in the case of the letter, they are as follows:

Response time
According to statistics,  43% of customers do not leave feedback, because they believe that the seller does not need them . Now you understand that your eCommerce customers do not just keep a vow of silence.

The reason why your letters go unanswered is the waiting time for a response. That is, customers are not ready to write to you if you remember them at best in a week. This stops 81% of users.

Therefore, add the phrase “We will reply to you within 72 hours” in the letter (or indicate any other time convenient for you) and try to quickly respond to comments on social networks - this is your face.

For example, when you click on the link in the letter, you will see the following footnote. We clearly prescribe the time frame for the response and publication:

Information about the timing of the response to the letter

What do you do with reviews? Just getting them from the client is half the battle. Next you need to answer and start the process . If you want to record a video, then arrange a meeting time, assemble a team. After that, quickly process the record and put it into general use. Or save and use if necessary.

If you received feedback in the letter, then ... Again, either publish in the right section, or save. All these processes must be honed and brought to automatism. Provide access to the feedback store to all people involved in working with the feedback.

Personal dialogue
If you want a frank answer, be open yourself. After the purchase, send an email and ask what customers are faced with, what function they would like to add, or just find out why they chose your product.

Send a letter from your personal mail or page on social networks, sign a message, call. People are willing to communicate with other people. Another good way is to use chat bots that skillfully build a personal dialogue and respond quickly.

Do you use chat bots in your business? This is an effective way to automate communication with customers without losing personal contact. Chatbots engage the user in a dialogue, “warm” relations and increase sales.

Want to start using them in your business?

Messengers for business.  Implementation

2. Post a poll
There are 2 options: traditional and “pop-up” when scrolling the page. Choose the one that is more suitable for your site and will get the best response from the audience.

Think over the questions you will be asking. Do not overload customers. Do not try to cover everything at once. Better do a few polls and work out each aspect of your business and product separately.

Use the following survey platforms:

Survey Monkey  - in the free version you can interview 100 people by asking them no more than 10 questions at a time;
Google Forms is a completely free service without restrictions on the number of answers and questions;  - the following restrictions apply in the free version: 3 polls, each with 10 questions and answers from 100 people maximum .
Before you start a survey:

think over goals and ask questions based on them;
make questions simple and straightforward;
alternate answers: with a list of options and open;
add the same rating scales;
Avoid overloaded questions and lots of answer options.
Another convenient way to organize is to ask questions in a post and offer to answer them in the comments:

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