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TMR Analyzes Impact of Outbreak of COVID-19 on Pelletized Activated Carbon Market Growth Prospects

Pelletized activated carbon (PAC) exhibits adsorption properties and is used popularly in vapor phase applications. Applications that call for low-pressure drop utilize various types of products in the pelletized activated carbon market. Extrusion of activated carbon turn them into pellets that are cylindrical and bear with diameters 0.8–5 mm. Manufacturers in the pelletized activated carbon market have been unveiling products with different pore structure to meet a wide cross-section of industry requirements.

Pelletized activated carbons are being extensively demanded in air and soil purifications. The report on the global pelletized activated carbon market provides insights into the revenue share and market size of various product and regional segments. It offers an overview of emerging application areas and imminent investment pockets during the assessment period of 2019 – 2028.

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Pelletized Activated Carbon Market: Competitive Analysis and Key Developments

The pelletized activated carbon market has in recent years become increasingly competitive. A large part of the intensifying the degree of competition has been to consistently unveil novel products that help end-use industry meet the most challenging demand for purification. On the other hand, prices of all key raw materials have escalated in recent years. Wood, coconut shell, and coal all have seen steep price appreciation, raising the cost of production for manufacturers in the pelletized activated carbon market. This has led many prominent players to revise their price to keep their manufacturing competitive. A case in point is Calgon Carbon Corporation. The top players in the pelletized activated carbon market has in the start of January ng pelletized activated carbon market 2020 announced a global price hike of its products.

A global price hike will also enable to ramp up investment in latest equipment and technologies used in manufacturing the next generation of products for users in the pelletized activated carbon market. This will enable several manufacturers to evenly spread out the transportation cost.

Some of the key players in the pelletized activated carbon market are Carbotech, Ada Carbon Solutions LLC, Siemens Water Technologies Corp, Cabot Corporation, Carbon activated Corporation, MeadWestvaco Corporation, and Clarinex Group.

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Pelletized Activated Carbon Market: Key Trends

The report on the evolution trajectories of the pelletized activated carbon market takes into account the impact of various trends pertaining to end-use industry preferences and regulatory frameworks supporting the adoption of products. The various qualitative analysis also offers snapshot of top adoption trends in recent years.

The drive for constant evolution of the pelletized activated carbon market stems from the expanding array of applications of the material. The application this type of carbon in adsorption of impurities in power plants and flue gas emissions plants has caught steam over the years. In recent years, the consumption of new products in the marked impetus from the regulatory norms for purification of gases and fluids in industrial markets. Thus, a great deal of growth impetus has come the sheer pace of industrialization in various parts of the world. Most notably, their application has gained steam due to the need for better performing adsorbents for removal of nitrogen dioxide and carbon dioxide from industrial environments.

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Pelletized Activated Carbon Market: Regional Analysis

Some of the lucrative regions in the pelletized activated carbon market are North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific. Of these, Asia Pacific is expected to rise at promising pace over the coming years. The growth is supported by extensive demand for pelletized activated carbon in food and beverages manufacturing industry. Further, the rapidly rising consumption of pelletized activated carbon in vehicle manufacturing is a key trend driving revenue generation in Europe pelletized activated carbon market.

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