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Efficient Options from the Best Accident Lawyers

In the event of death it will be the deceased's family members who can claim this compensation. But how do the victim claim compensation for a traffic accident? Before initiating claims, the lawyer should be aware of the options available to them. And, as the accident lawyer always recommend, it is best to have a lawyer specialized in traffic accidents from the first moment.

Ways To Claim Compensation For Traffic Accident

Compensation for traffic accident can be claimed by judicial or extrajudicial means. In both cases the client must use a lawyer with experience in the matter. The clients help is more than recommended for extrajudicial negotiations and mandatory for judicial ones.

To start the claims it is necessary to try to reach an agreement out of court. If the clients are successful, they will get prompt compensation and save themselves from going through the courts. The problem is that insurers are interested in minimizing claims. Therefore, on many occasions the client will have no choice but to go to court to collect the compensation to which theyare entitled.

Extrajudicial way

The extrajudicial route determines the first step to obtain compensation for a traffic accident. Attorney will present the situation to the insurer and try to negotiate the highest compensation. To initiate any claim people will have to assess the damages derived from the accident. Therefore, in addition to the services of a lawyer, the client will need those of a medical expert. In general, the damage assessment requires prior recovery or consolidation of the aftermath.

From this moment, medical expert will evaluate the personal injuries. Regarding material damage, it will be enough to prove it through invoices. The victim can also go to a mechanical expert to assess the damage to the car. With all this information the lawyer will be able to assess the compensation in accordance with law and the corresponding updates.

Lawyer will forward the claim to the insurance company, and it will have a period of three months to return its reasoned offer. The reasoned offer is an assessment of the compensation.

Content of the Reasoned Offer

The reasoned offer contains a proposal for compensation for accredited personal and material damages. Both items must be detailed and broken down separately.In addition, it is mandatory that the client list the reports and documents that have been taken into account to assess the compensation. The objective of this degree of detail is that the victim or injured party can reasonably accept or reject the insurer's proposal. On the other hand, the reasoned offer must warn that its acceptance does not imply rejecting possible actions.

Acceptance of the Reasoned Offer

In the event that the client accepts the reasoned offer, the insurer must pay or consign the compensation within 5 days. As indicated above, this will not avoid filing the corresponding lawsuit in the event that the corresponding compensation is higher than that received.

Rejection of the Reasoned Offer

If theclient rejects the motivated offer, they will have no choice but to go to court. For this they must file a claim for compensation through civil law. All the documentation that they have compiled during this phase will serve them, together with the motivated offer, as a basis for claim.

Civil way

The civil lawsuit allows going to court to claim compensation. They can also compensate for medical and other expenses in this way. To be successful the victim will need the services of a specialist traffic accident attorney.

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