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How to promote your business by using perforated vinyl graphics?

Sometimes during window shopping, you have perhaps come across window decals or, more precisely, perforated window signs displayed on glass windows, which is only visible from the outside. When you look at it from inside, you can view the outside through the glass without any obstruction, as you would see through the tinted glass. The one-way vision is the specialty of the perforated decals made from perforated adhesive vinyl material with the image or graphic printed directly on it. The vinyl material that has a 50% area covered by tiny holes known as micro punctures helps to generate the one-way vision. The micro punctures are so fine that it helps the decal to maintain a high-quality image on one side while still allowing light to pass through the other side for maintaining a clear view. These decals best suit window-front advertising and even for advertising on vehicle windows.

Decal placement

The location of the outdoor advertisement is critical to gain high visibility and window decals provide a unique opportunity of making use of glazed surfaces for advertising. Typically, placing the perforated window decal on the outside of the glazing is the standard practice to ensure maximum visibility and, at the same time preventing it from being hidden by the tint or window glare.

Window decal material

Vinyl is the most preferred substrate for creating window decals because it can withstand the elements of weather like sun, rain, and other elements and can last for more than three years. The material consists of several layers of vinyl with a white printable top layer with a layer of black vinyl underneath. In addition, it has a layer of adhesive coated material and releases liner to give it a complete finish. The black layer creates an optical illusion that offers clear visibility through the printed vinyl. For optimum results, the printed side must receive the maximum light of about 70%.

Indoor and outdoor use

Window decals with perforations are ideal for outdoor as well as indoor use. It is useful inside offices on the walls of glass cubicles to create a one-way vision for privacy while using the decal for displaying some message about the business or for employee motivation. The dual purpose of maintaining privacy while displaying a marketing message is the specialty of the decal that does not have any match. Retail businesses, as well as banks and other commercial establishments, make good use of perforated window decals that are very economical and versatile advertising options. 

Mobile outdoor advertising

Using perforated window decals on vehicles gives the opportunity of creating mobile advertising campaigns that help businesses and brands gain high visibility. It costs only a fraction of your advertising budget to set up a campaign by using your vehicle or any other public vehicle. Advertising on bus windows has a dual benefit because it benefits the passengers too by blocking some of the sunlight and creating a comfortable environment inside the bus.

With advancements in printing technology, perforated window decals provide unique opportunities for marketing and business promotion that widens the reach of businesses.






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