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Finding the right AdWords manager to optimize your AdWords campaigns can be a difficult task. It seems that every computer science student is able to work with AdWords in a professional way.
Since there is no official certification or widely accepted test that could prove you are an AdWords specialist, it's hard to tell the average AdWords manager from the big ones.
To help you distinguish an AdWords manager from an AdWords specialist, I've compiled a list of ways you can find a google ads freelancer.
This is one of the first things you need to remember. In a company, not all team members are at the same level. There are large AdWords companies, but you will almost always find at least one or two junior people on the team.
You can't avoid this and teams with only two or three specialists are usually very expensive. Most AdWords specialists either work with large clients who pay 5-digit fees, or they manage their own team of AdWords managers.
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And this is where you have to be careful. Are you willing to pay a 5-figure fee for AdWords mana
gement, or is your account simple enough that someone with a good understanding of AdWords is able to create something amazing for you?
Most small and medium businesses don't need a specialist on the ground
With proper training and coaching, you can become very good at AdWords without having to become an AdWords specialist. This is the transition phase that is so important for any AdWords agency to focus on.
I've known companies with one or two AdWords stars who really did an incredible job, but their team members were left to their own devices. This produced a huge amount of unsatisfied clients who couldn't understand how the AdWords agency could get testimonials from big clients with such a poor staff.
The secret lies in the fact that the young AdWords executives are backed by a real specialist. At White Shark Media, we plan our teams based on seniority and there is always an AdWords specialist leading each team. This specialist will manage a smaller client portfolio, but will be available to supervise his or her 2 or 3 team members.
If you are a small business, you may not be able to afford the $150 per hour minimum wage for an AdWords Specialist or the few thousand dollars in fixed fees. Choosing an agency that offers solid AdWords management, supported by specialists, can be affordable and can produce amazing results.
Tracking results should be in the blood of an AdWords specialist.
One of the most common errors is not using enough tracking. A single tracking method is often not enough to give you a complete picture of the performance of your AdWords account.
As an AdWords Specialist, I have actively turned down well-paid job offers from clients who were only interested in getting clicks rather than tracking results.
The scenario is always the same: after spending a few thousand dollars on advertising, the client stops AdWords campaigns because they have no revenue (or proof of revenue).
AdWords specialists often focus on the long-term success of their AdWords clients, because the best campaigns cannot be created overnight or within a few months.
The following means of tracking should be included in each AdWords Specialist's portfolio :
Conversion tracking : The most basic tracking
Conversion tracking is the proprietary tracking tool provided by Google AdWords. It allows you to track sales, important pages viewed, contact forms, etc.
Even though the conversion tracking features have been significantly improved in 2012, I do not recommend relying on it entirely.
Call tracking for local and B2B companies
The advertisers that most need call tracking are usually local or B2B advertisers, but any company that relies on phone calls for sales should use call tracking.
Calls often account for more than 50% of your conversions in an AdWords campaign, depending on how much importance you put on your phone number on your website.
Without call tracking, you're missing out on 50% of the optimization data, which can be devastating to your account performance and long-term success.
Google Analytics is essential for business communications companies.

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