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Responsible Pet Care by the Expert Vets

Count on Twin Rivers Animal Hospital and the professional staff of vets will provide high-quality pet care services for your lovely pet. You can always have peace of mind that your animal is in safe hands. These experts also strongly believe in the benefits of tailored preventative health care. You can be sure that these specialists have the right knowledge and experience and they take part in continuing education to update their knowledge. This means that they stay current on the latest technological, pharmaceutical and nutritional developments for your lovely animals. What’s more? Twin Rivers Animal Hospital is also equipped with the latest diagnostic equipment. So they can diagnose and treat most common problems very effectively and fast. Look no further and get in touch with these vets so they can accommodate your needs.

One of many services offered by this team is Soft Tissue Surgery Kamloops. Delivering a wide range of surgeries, this staff can take care of your pet’s needs. Whether it is a simple spaying and neutering to more complex surgeries like soft tissue, these vets are ready for any challenge to make your animal happy and healthy. Animals and especially dogs and cats fight a lot and that is why they get various injuries. Animals can also fall suddenly and get very painful injuries. Using the latest facilities, Twin Rivers Animal Hospital guarantees to help your pet when his/her soft tissue gets injured. That’s where they will need a high-quality Soft Tissue Surgery Kamloops. You can always depend on this team whenever you notice your pet has injuries and they will help your pet get better day by day.

Another important service offered by Twin Rivers Animal Hospital is Microchipping in Kamloops. Losing a dog can cause much trauma and every pet owner will feel stressed because of that case. So that is why microchipping is so vital. It is not just essential but also a legal requirement in many countries. Just trust Twin Rivers Animal Hospital and have your pet electronically tagged. A microchip is a tiny electronic chip. It is no larger than a grain of rice. The experts will implant it beneath a dog’s skin without any harm and your animal won’t feel any pain during the process. This small radio chip comes with a unique 15-digit number which will be revealed when scanned by a microchip reader. So any time your dog gets lost, it can be successfully identified due to the digital number. Get this Microchipping in Kamloops and be sure that your animal will be safely returned to you.

Another great service is Senior Pet Care Kamloops. As a caring owner, you should take care of your pet despite his/her age. As pets grow, they need more attention and love and that is where you need to opt for Senior Pet Care Kamloops. At Twin Rivers Animal Hospital, you will get the most current treatments and senior pet care. Their progressive approach is all-inclusive, so you can rest easy knowing that the experts will address your senior pet care needs from disease prevention to early diagnosis. Contact to schedule an appointment for your pet.

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