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2 Factors To Consider When Choosing In Home Senior Care

A growing number of families are finding themselves with a dilemma; what to do about the senior care needs of their aging family members. With the baby boomers just starting to enter retirement, this is likely to become a growing trend in the near future. When it comes to planning the health care needs of elderly loved ones, there are generally 3 choices; a nursing home, moving in with them (or vice versa) or hiring an in live in care assistance.

For most people, a nursing home or other large medical facility is considered a last resort. Nursing homes are notorious for providing low quality care. This usually occurs because most of these facilities take a "one size fits all" approach to elder care. Most people understand that their individual loved ones have specific needs that need to be addressed, and these large facilities rarely do a good job of addressing them. Furthermore, most seniors are unhappy in nursing homes, because they are forced to leave the comfortable surroundings of their home and they often feel neglected.

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The option of moving in with an aging parent or having them move in with you has its own set of challenges. For one thing, not all families have a nursing professional who is qualified to provide in home elder care or assisted living. There are lots of things to manage with a family member whose health is deteriorating, such as medications, diet, hygiene, companionship, etc. Often, family members don't have the time or the skills to provide the level of in home care that is needed.

The preferred option for a growing number of families is hiring an in live in care assistance. There are several potential advantages to this option. These agencies generally have well qualified nursing professionals that are able to deliver the quality of elder care needed to make sure your aging loved one is well taken care of while being able to stay in the comfort of their own home.

Though in home elder care can be a good option, not all senior care and assisted living agencies are created equal. When selecting the right in home care agency, there are a couple things to look out for.

First, is the in home senior care agency you are considering locally owned by professionals within your community? Why is this important? Because if you are dealing with an agency that is large and bureaucratic, they may take a "one size fits all" approach to elder care, just like a large institution would. It is much better to deal with an in home care or assisted living agency that is local and run by qualified nursing professionals who know what they're doing and understand the need for an individualized senior care plan tailored to fit the needs of each client.

The other factor to consider is the terms and conditions of the in live in care assistance you are looking to hire. Some insist on entering into a long term agreement, while others allow a client to sign up month to month. Since the elder care of your family member is one of the most important decisions you will make, it's critical that you are able to make a change if you realize that the senior care or live in care assistance you choose is not a good fit for your family.

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