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How to Start Losing Weight Without Hurting Yourself

A knowledgeable specialist will tell you that it is necessary to start with cleansing the body. This procedure alone is able to get rid of a few pounds and make us feel lighter, in every way. Actually, almost everyone knows today about the need to cleanse the body of accumulated trash, which helps regulate the metabolism and restore immunity. And almost everyone knows "the best way.
The advice is the same: when choosing, assess the risks. For example, do not take diuretics and laxatives as a panacea. Maybe they can cleanse the gastrointestinal tract, but they will also take a lot of useful things out of it. And if taken quite regularly, they will also teach your intestines to work on their own. So if you can not afford expensive cleansing in clinics - it is better to pick up proven dietary supplements (dietary supplements) of foreign or domestic production.
If there is one thing you can't count today, it's diets. Diet in its original sense is just a diet. Although we have already got used to perceive this concept only as one method - for many the main one - of losing weight. Of course, the diet regimen will have to be reconsidered in one way or another.
But! Let's connect your common sense. Virtually all weight loss diets are built on the same principle: reduce the number of calories consumed. The culprits are fats and carbs, or ourselves and our - ah! - bad heredity.
Let's remember that our cells need daily feedings of a specific set of nutrients and micronutrients. What we eat today doesn't provide everything our bodies need. And we, going on diets, also reduce the amount of food, sometimes to a critical limit. So we choose a fairly balanced diet. And in order to make up for the deficiencies, we turn to the same dietary supplements with the necessary set of vitamins and other things. There is a choice today.
Supplements for weight loss.
Eyes are running wild from this "wealth of choice". Teas for weight loss, cocktails and pills, pills, creams, "burners" and "blockers", special underwear, belts ... Most of all of these products - a complete junk. If they promise you that you will lose weight by lying on your couch with these products, don't believe them. If they say, gasping for breath, that you will lose weight by 10-12 kg in a month, or even a week - do not believe it.
The human body is physiologically incapable of "giving up" more than 3-3,5 kg of fat per month. The rest - water, much needed protein, depletion of muscle tissue and other delights. Right up to irreversible changes.
Some weight loss remedies can really help - but in conjunction with proper nutrition and exercise. And be sure to ask for the appropriate certificates. 
Let's get moving!
Otherwise, all our dreams of slimness and will remain a dream. Fitness club, bicycle, walks, good old exercise, even in the evening, not in the morning; jump rope, gymnastic ball - let's start doing something. Nothing speeds up the metabolism and helps get rid of excess weight like physical activity. And believe me, the important thing is to get started and get through the first few days of sore muscles. After a week or two, exercise will bring you a lot of joy. Not to mention feeling proud of yourself.
So, before we start the weight loss process, we:
- We gather information and find truthful and useful for us personally;
- consult with experts, if possible;
- Determine a new diet;
- choose quality products that will help to accelerate and secure weight loss;
- decide to lift our heel from the couch and choose the appropriate physical exercises for this purpose;
- and don't forget how much clean water you need to drink to make it all work.

on December 28 at 12:29

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