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The subcutaneous biologic drugs and affiliated technologies market is projected to be worth over USD 180 billion by 2030, predicts Roots Analysis

Subcutaneous drug delivery, given the use of tailored formulation development solutions, has brought about a paradigm shift in at-home healthcare, enabling users to administer (life-saving) medications without having to rely on medical professionals


Roots Analysisis pleased to announce the publication of its recent study, titled “Subcutaneous Biologics, Technologies and Drug Delivery Systems (3rd Edition), 2020-2030”report to its list of offerings.


The report provides a detailed study on the current market landscape and future potential of biologics designed for subcutaneous administration. In addition, the study provides an in-depth analysis of the formulation technologies and drug delivery systems (focusing on large volume wearable injectors, autoinjectors, pen injectors, needle-free injectors, drug reconstitution systems, prefilled syringes and implants) that enable subcutaneous delivery of the biologic drugs. Amongst other elements, the report features the following:

§  A detailed assessment of the current market landscape of commercially available and clinical-stage biologics that are designed for delivery via the subcutaneous route

§  A case study on leading subcutaneous biologics (in terms of revenues generated), featuring details on mechanism of action, development history, annual sales, technology platform (if available), and a comparison of their intravenous and subcutaneous formulations (if applicable).

§  An assessment of the various subcutaneous formulation technologies along with information on developers, type of pharmacological molecule, route of administration, mechanisms of action and primary advantage(s).

§  An insightful three-dimensional comparison of the subcutaneous formulation technology developers, based on pipeline strength, supplier power of the developer and primary advantages offered by their respective technologies.

§  Elaborate profiles of key technology developers, featuring a brief overview of the company, its technology portfolio, product portfolio, financial information (if available), recent developments and an informed future outlook.

§  An analysis of collaborations  and partnership agreements inked by the subcutaneous formulation technology developers since 2011

§  An in-depth review of the most advanced and popular subcutaneous drug delivery systems, including large volume wearable injectors, autoinjectors, pen injectors, needle-free injectors, drug reconstitution systems, prefilled syringes and implants

§  A comprehensive product competitiveness analysis of subcutaneous large volume wearable injectors, subcutaneous autoinjectors, subcutaneous needle-free injectors and pre-filled syringes

§  A discussion on affiliated trends, key drivers and challenges, which are likely to impact the industry's evolution, under a comprehensive SWOT framework

§  A detailed market forecast, featuring analysis of the current and projected future opportunity across key market segments (listed below):

§  Phase of development

§  Approved

§  Pre-registration & Phase III

§  Phase II & Phase II/III


§  Type of molecule

§  Cell and gene therapies

§  Monoclonal antibodies

§  Proteins

§  Peptides (recombinant)

§  Vaccines

§  Others


§  Target therapeutic area

§  Autoimmune disorders

§  Blood disorders

§  Bone disorders

§  Genetic disorders

§  Metabolic disorders

§  Neurological disorders

§  Oncological disorders

§  Respiratory disorders

§  Others


§  Type of drug delivery system

§   Large volume wearable injectors

§   Autoinjectors

§   Prefilled syringes

§   Needle-free injectors

§   Drug reconstitution systems


§  Revenues from licensing deals

§   Upfront payments

§   Milestone payments


§  Key geographical regions

§   North America

§   Europe

§   Asia Pacific

§   Rest of the World


§   Transcripts of interviews held with the following senior level representatives of stakeholder companies

§   Deborah Bitterfield (Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Lindy Biosciences)

§   Matthew Young (Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Oval Medical Technologies)

§   Steve Prestrelski (Founder and Chief Scientific Officer, Xeris Pharmaceuticals), Hong Qi (Vice President, Product Development, Xeris Pharmaceuticals) and Scott Coleman (Senior Scientist, Formulation, Xeris Pharmaceuticals)

§   David Daily (Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, DALI Medical Devices)

§   Michael Reilly (Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, Excelse Bio)

§   Poonam R Velagaleti (Co-Founder, i-novion)

§   Michael Hooven (Chief Executive Officer, Enable Injections)

§   Frederic Ors (Chief Executive Officer, Immunovaccine Technologies)

§   Patrick Anquetil (Chief Executive Officer, Portal Instruments)

§   Menachem Zucker (Vice President and Chief Scientist, Elcam Medical)

§   Tiffany H. Burke (Director, Global Communications, West Pharmaceutical Services) and Graham Reynolds (Vice President and General Manager, Global Biologics, West Pharmaceutical Services)

§   David Heuzé (Communication Leader, MedinCell)


Key companies covered in the report

§  Adocia

§  Ajinomoto Bio-Pharma Services

§  Arecor

§  Alteogen

§  Ascendis Pharma

§  Avadel Pharmaceuticals

§  Camurus

§  Creative BioMart

§  Creative Biolabs


§  Eagle Pharmaceuticals

§  Halozyme Therapeutics

§  MedinCell

§  Xeris Pharmaceuticals

§  Serina Therapeutics


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