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Termite bait systems : One of the Most Environment-Friendly Options to Control Termites

Termite bait systems are one of the most environment-friendly options to control termites. Termites mostly cause damage to residential areas, where they primarily feed on wood. They also feed on damaged paper, books, insulations, swimming pool liners, and filtration systems. Hence, to control their population, it is necessary to use a specific control method. A termite bait system is one such termite control method that is used as an alternative to conventional “barrier” treatment and is environmental friendly. Termite baiting uses a bait and edible “smart missiles,” such as timber, to knock out the termite population. The foraging termites consume baits, mostly an insect growth regulator, and share it with their nest mates, which results in a slow decline in the termite population.

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Termite baiting is a relatively small business sector in the overall pest control systems market. However, with the increasing demand for less toxic termite control solutions, the demand for termite bait systems is expected to increase, globally. There have been increasing concerns among consumers about the direct application of chemicals, which can be toxic to the environment, animal, and human health. Hence, termite bait systems offer an alternative option to chemical and other toxic termite control methods.

Environmentally safe and convenient application process

There are different methods employed for controlling termite population, such as liquid chemical barriers and baiting stations. Liquid chemical barriers such as repellents are used to create a barrier around and under the buildings to block the potential routes of termite entry. However, this method has certain drawbacks, as the barriers can be moved, replaced, or disturbed by pets and children or by adding a new garden bed. Additionally, the direct application of chemicals to the soil is toxic to animal and human health, located in the surrounding area. Thus, it has been a reason for homeowners to prefer bait stations, which are safer alternatives.

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Bait stations provide a different approach in preventing the spread of termite colonies to environmentally conscious consumers. The bait system consists of paper, cardboard, or timber, combined with slow-acting substances toxic to termites. The active ingredient in the bait system must be palatable to termites so that they can consume it, even in the presence of other untreated wooden materials. Also, this method utilizes the natural feeding behavior of termites. Bait stations have major advantages over chemical treatments as they use less amount of pesticide; hence, they are non-toxic to homeowners and help in eliminating the termite colony.

Growing market opportunities in urban residential areas

The urban population of the world has grown rapidly from 746 million in 1950 to over 4 billion in 2016, according to United Nations Data. As a result, there has been an upsurge in housing, infrastructure, and hospitality sectors. Termites have been able to adapt to the growing urban establishments due to the usage of termiticides at higher dosage levels without the introspection of a certified pest control service provider. This has led to increased resistance to chemical products. Customers from residential areas have also been proactive enough to take such preventive measures for the structural protection of their households. To maintain public health and hygiene, pest management has been sought as an important tool in the urban cities of developed countries. Higher spending capacity of this demography has also been a factor for affording such services.

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