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Understanding Impact of COVID-19 on Cosmetic Shea Butter Market

Cosmetic Shea Butter Market: Introduction

Shea butter is defined as the edible fat that is extracted from the shea kernels or shea nuts of Vitellaria paradoxa, commonly known as the shea tree. Shea butter has various industrial applications, such as in food processing, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and others. Cosmetic shea butter is used as an alternative to vegetable oil in various cosmetic and personal care products, due to the presence of rich fatty acids. Cosmetic shea butter is also known as butyrospermum parkii. However, it is referred to as ‘vegetable oil’ in international trading.

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Cosmetic shea butter is composed of essential saturated and unsaturated fatty acids such as stearic acid, lauric acid, oleic acid, and myristic acid palmitic acid. These fatty acids present in cosmetic shea butter are used as opacifying agents and surfactants that help in replenishing the skin cells naturally. Along with emulsification with fatty acids, cosmetic shea butter is used as emollients in various cosmetic products, due to its smoothening properties for dry skin. As a key ingredient, cosmetic shea butter plays an important role in the global cosmetic industry.

cosmetic shea butter market

Cosmetic Shea Butter: Market Outlook

The increasing use of cosmetic shea butter in developing an alternative ingredient for various cosmetic products, including lotions, creams, color cosmetics, soaps, and toiletries, has boosted its popularity among consumers over the past decade. A steady rise in the demand for organic and natural cosmetics has been observed, owing to increasing health and beauty consciousness among consumers, and the growing importance of sustainability among product developers. However, currently, very few chemical-free cosmetic products are available in the market. This is primarily attributed to the launch of new products with natural ingredients, such as cosmetic shea butter, which is anticipated to drive the growth of the global cosmetic shea butter market during the forecast period. In Europe, cosmetic shea butter is the most preferred surfactant and opacifying agent used in cosmetic products.

Cosmetic Shea Butter: Market Drivers

Growing Importance Regarding Skincare among Consumers Propelling the Cosmetic Shea Butter Market

Growing consciousness regarding attaining the perfect skin and body with the help of multi-benefit and nourishing products is boosting the market for cosmetic shea butter. Over the years, consumers have become more conscious about beauty and hygiene, thus preferring products such as cosmetic shea butter that has intrinsic value. Through continuous research and development, manufacturers are trying to capture the skincare industry with the introduction of new products containing shea butter, which is propelling the global cosmetic shea butter market.

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Growing Demand for Cosmetic Shea Butter in Natural and Organic Cosmetics as an Enhanced Anti-Aging Ingredient

The up-gradation of specialized products such as anti-aging products, sunscreens, whitening creams, facial creams, and others are expected to bolster the demand for cosmetic shea butter in the near future. Since unrefined cosmetic shea butter is used as an anti-aging ingredient, it has huge demand among consumers. Companies that offer these specialized products have adopted a premium pricing strategy in order to target the premium class of consumers, which, in turn, boosts the value of the global cosmetic shea butter market.

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