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The non-invasive cancer diagnostics market is projected to grow at an annualized rate of ~20%, till 2030

Roots Analysishas done a detailed study on Liquid Biopsy and Other Non-Invasive Cancer Diagnostics Market (3rd Edition), 2019-2030: Focus on Circulating Tumor Markers such as CTCs, ctDNA, cfDNA, Exosomes and Other Biomarkers, covering key aspects of the industry’s evolution and identifying potential future growth opportunities.


To order this 350+ page report, which features 150+ figures and 200+ tables, please visit thislink


Key Market Insights

§  Presently, nearly 300 non-invasive diagnostic tests, designed for the detection of various types of cancers, are either already available in the market or under development across the world

§  Several modern diagnostic tests claim to be capable of offering results in relatively short time periods, thereby, facilitating early diagnosis that is particularly beneficial in the treatment of different types of cancers

§  Over time, big pharma players have initiated product development programs, having invested significant capital, time and effort, on non-invasive diagnostic solutions for use across different oncological indications

§  Investors, having realized the untapped opportunity within this emerging segment of the cancer diagnostics market, have invested over USD 3 billion across 120 instances in the period between 2015 and 2019

§  The growing interest in this field is also reflected in the partnership activity; deals inked in the recent past are focused on a diverse range of tumor markers, involving both international and indigenous stakeholders

§  The projected future opportunity is anticipated to be driven by increasing patient population and distributed across various disease indications and application areas across key geographies

§  These tests are capable of detecting diverse tumor markers that cater to the needs of different stakeholders; in fact, opinions of industry experts confirm the vast potential of liquid biopsies in disease diagnosis / monitoring


For more information, please visit


Table of Contents


1.                PREFACE

1.1.              Scope of the Report

1.2.              Research Methodology

1.3.              Chapter Outlines


2.                EXECUTIVE SUMMARY


3.                INTRODUCTION

3.1.              Chapter Overview

3.2.              Cancer Statistics and Burden of the Disease

3.3.              Importance of Early Cancer Detection

3.4.              Cancer Screening and Diagnosis


3.5.              Conventional Invasive Cancer Diagnostic Tests

3.5.1.           Biopsy       Fine Needle Aspiration Biopsy       Core Needle Biopsy       Vacuum-Assisted Biopsy       Image-Guided Biopsy

Press Release: Variation 2 (Format 3)       Sentinel Node Biopsy       Surgical Biopsy       Endoscopic Biopsy       Bone Marrow Biopsy

3.5.2.           Endoscopy


3.6.              Need for Non-Invasive Approaches


3.7.              Liquid Biopsy: Diagnosing Circulating Biomarkers

3.7.1.           Circulating Tumor Cells

3.7.2.           Circulating Tumor DNA

3.7.3.           Exosomes


3.8.              Costs and Benefits Associated with Liquid Biopsy and Non-Invasive Tests

3.9.              Emerging Trends in Intellectual Property Related to Non-Invasive Cancer Diagnostics

3.10.            Challenges Associated with Non-Invasive Cancer Diagnostics

3.11.            Future Perspectives



4.1.              Chapter Overview

4.2.              Diagnostic Imaging

4.2.1.           Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

4.2.2.           Mammography

4.2.3.           Bone Scan

4.2.4.           Computerized Tomography (CT) Scan

4.2.5.           Integrated Positron Emission Tomography (PET)-CT Scan

4.2.6.           Ultrasound

4.2.7.           X-ray Radiography (Barium Enema)


4.3.              Screening Assays

4.3.1.           Circulating Tumor Marker Test

4.3.2.           Digital Rectal Exam (DRE)

4.3.3.           Fecal Occult Blood Test (FOBT)

4.3.4.           Multigated Acquisition (MUGA) Scan

4.3.5.           Papanicolaou Test and Human Papilloma Virus Test


4.4.              Advanced Non-Invasive Approaches

4.4.1.           Cytogenetic / Gene Expression Studies

4.4.2.           Molecular Signature-based Non-Invasive Methods

4.4.3.           Saliva-based Oral Cancer Diagnostics

4.4.4.           Vital Staining

4.4.5.           Optical Biopsy

4.4.6.           Other Diagnostic Techniques


5.                MARKET LANDSCAPE

5.1.              Chapter Overview

5.2.              Liquid Biopsy Products: List of Developers

5.2.1.           Analysis by Year of Establishment

5.2.2.           Analysis by Company Size and Geographical Location

5.2.3.           Leading Players

5.2.4.           Analysis by Geography


5.3.              Liquid Biopsy Products: List of Available / Under Development Products

5.3.1.           Analysis by Status of Development

5.3.2.           Analysis by Type of Product

5.3.3.           Analysis by Application Area 

Press Release: Variation 2 (Format 3)


5.3.4.           Analysis by Target Cancer Indication

5.3.5.           Analysis by Type of Tumor Marker

5.3.6.           Analysis by End User

5.3.7.           Analysis by Turnaround Time


5.4.              Liquid Biopsy Products: List of Other Products, Kits and Consumables

5.5.              Liquid Biopsy Products: List of Contract Service Providers


6.                COMPANY PROFILES

6.1.              Chapter Overview

6.2.              Amoy Diagnostics

6.2.1.           Company Overview

6.2.2.           Financial Information

6.2.3.           Liquid Biopsy Product Portfolio

6.2.4.           Recent Developments and Future Outlook


6.3.              DiaCarta

6.3.1.           Company Overview

6.3.2.           Liquid Biopsy Product Portfolio

6.3.3.           Recent Developments and Future Outlook


6.4.              HaploX

6.4.1.           Company Overview

6.4.2.           Liquid Biopsy Product Portfolio

6.4.3.           Recent Developments and Future Outlook


6.5.              NeoGenomics

6.5.1.           Company Overview

6.5.2.           Financial Information

6.5.3.           Liquid Biopsy Product Portfolio

6.5.4.           Recent Developments and Future Outlook


6.6.              QIAGEN

6.6.1.           Company Overview

6.6.2.           Financial Information

6.6.3.           Liquid Biopsy Product Portfolio

6.6.4.           Recent Developments and Future Outlook


6.7.              Swift Biosciences

6.7.1.           Company Overview

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