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3 Easy Steps to Write SEO Friendly Content

What Is SEO Content?

SEO content can be any text published on the site that, intentionally or unintentionally, enhances the value of a website to search engines. Imagine that you publish a cookie recipe on a special cooking website, then this content is considered SEO content and the site can be ranked thanks to some keywords that appear in it, such as "cookie recipe" for example.

There are many ways to improve your position on the web, including us: technical updates, link building, UX and UI functions, etc. Howeve, today we're going to focus on one in particular: the content.

Why does this technique differ from the others?

First of all, because content is basically made of keywords. That is one of the most important criteria for search engine rankings. What you should keep in mind is that if users find one of your pages in the SERPs (search engine result pages), it is because they probably typed a word that was also present in your content. For this reason, if you want users to find you, you'd better use the words they normally type to search for content like the one you suggest. Second, because written content allows you to use some SEO techniques that are really appreciated by search engine algorithms.

Today we'll explain why and how to invest in SEO content writing. We'll also give you some of the reasons why you should hire a web editor. This little angel who, with a number of handy and well-chosen tools, will be an important asset in your quest for the ringside, or even better, the divine «zero position».

1. Focus on keywords

Time for a dictation, bring your keyboards!

To have good SEO content, first of all, you need to know which keywords you want to rank for. Once you have defined the right words for your website, you should spend your time creating your content. How do you define which keywords to use? There are several ways:

The activity sector of your website. For example, if you sell cars, you don't need to be ranked for "trucks" or "bicycles"

Keywords used by your competitors. They are a precious help when it comes to knowing which words are best for your activity or, on the contrary, which words of interest are still not being used by your competitors and could be a great opportunity for you.

Search volume of the keywords. The higher the search volume, the better the odds are for you

Where can I find all this information? Try our new keyword recommendation tool made in Digital Marketing Lahore. In addition to suggesting keywords of interest associated with your field, it will also indicate their SEO potential, the ranking of your competitors, associated questions (useful for voice searches), and long-tail keywords.

Once you've strategically defined the keywords you want to rank for, you can start writing your content based on them. You can get the help of a web editor who can manipulate all of these words and turn them into super interesting value-added content. By interesting and added value content we mean several things:

Good, relevant and logical use of the chosen words. The more relevant your content is, the better people will be happy with your website and stay on it longer, which will lower your bounce rate and improve your SEO

Please use your chosen keywords carefully to avoid "keyword overuse". Search engines hate it. Instead, try to use alternative keywords.

Try adding voice search questions and long keywords to your content. These two types of search have become more popular over the years thanks to advancements in technology.

Create real "original" content, avoid repetition and copying from other sites.

If quality content guidelines scare you, don't panic. Digital Marketing Lahore's content writing assistant can help you. This tool allows you to test the optimization of your content as it gives you an overview of all the points to integrate into your text. If one or more aspects are not present, you will be presented with recommendations to help you write your content better.

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Before publishing content on your site, you must define the keywords that you want to be ranked for

Create useful content that is linked and the requests of search engine users

Avoid repetitions of keywords that are too frequent

Keep in mind the increasing importance of questions and long-tail keywords

Set yourself apart from competitors with unique content specific to your offering and audience

Do not hesitate to have your text checked by a writing assistant such as the one offered by Digital Marketing Lahore to check the optimization rate.

2. Create a blog for your website


Blogs remain relevant (believe it or not) 😅

You've probably noticed that there are more and more blogs available these days, even though they are often referred to as old-fashioned. Well, it is because blogs continue to be a great way to increase your reputation and visibility online. They can also help you become a reference in your field so that your potential clients can find you. But above all, a blog is good for the SEO of your website. A blog increases the space for written content on your website and thus the chances of ranking for your keywords.


Starting a blog on your website has great marketing and SEO benefits

It makes it possible to increase your online exposure, show yourself as an expert in your field and value your products or services

It brings qualified traffic to your website and shows the potential customers that your offer or knowledge matches their requests

3. Write SEO content on other sites

Warning, ghost writing is not allowed!

Don't panic, you're not going to do someone else's job for them! No, you are going to work for yourself and your self-promotion. You're just going to take an "off-site" space, that is, outside of your own site, to develop your own SEO by writing. Having writing skills or having an editor will therefore be useful to you "abroad", in the context of link building. Collecting referrals is the act of creating links to a site from other sites in order to be ranked well by search engines. Basically, it makes friends on the Internet so that they, or rather you, in this case, talk about you and get your site on the SERP. In general, to get a "backlink" when the process is free (and often reciprocal), you are invited to write an article about your site or activity. This technique is called "guest blogging", which simply invites someone from outside the site to write on it (often on the blog). You can talk about yourself or as an expert. That is why having a number of notions in writing, especially SEO, is not to be neglected. It can also be useful if you plan on getting your name in the press or online magazines without spending too much money. You have the option to pay for such sites in exchange for an item. You can sometimes write them yourself and this is even what we advise you to do. Writing articles about us yourself has many advantages:

Who better to describe your offering or your work than you, especially if it is a bit technical to explain.

You can decide on which points you want to focus your speech in particular, what to best emphasize in your offering, and choose your communication tone in certain cases.

You save money! If you write these articles yourself, they will cost you less or even much less


By writing on sites other than yours, you can develop your network, your external network, thanks to link building.

By guest blogging or some other form of participation, you can legitimize your image and promote your services to a new audience or audience.

This allows you to save money when articles about you appear on other sites by reducing the cost of writing.


For SEO and marketing it is very important to develop your SEO content especially by hiring a web editor. To improve your SEO by writing, we recommend that you pay attention to what you post on your site to stay consistent with your activity section, keywords, and the traffic you want to get to your site.

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