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Tips for creating an EHR system

Here are some tips on how you can guarantee the highest level of usability for your medical personnel and patients.

Minimize the number of clicks required. Unfortunately, most EHRs require users to make excessive clicks. Read how developers were able to use the SMART on FHIR to reduce keystrokes for chronic disease management in one EHR workflow from 18 to 6.

Consider doctors as humans. Try to find a human tone of voice. If there’s no real emergency, make the interface colors and symbols neutral, even calm. Notifications regarding a patient’s death should provide empathy. What Epic calls “deficiencies” and “delinquencies” might be named “incomplete tasks.” Periodic encouragement with messages like “thank you for all your hard work” will inspire and support users.

Consider integration with wearables. To monitor patients’ vitals, manage chronic diseases, and support post-surgical observations, you can parse data directly from wearable devices or health applications such as Google Fit and Apple Health through these medical software platforms’ native APIs.

Now you know how to create an Electronic Health Record. As you can see, a custom EHR can bring a lot of benefits to your healthcare business: fewer disparities and errors in medical records, better engagement with patients and their families, improved decision-making and care coordination, and increased security for your patients’ data. But before deciding on a software development partner, make sure they’re highly experienced in building complex high-quality projects, creating service-oriented architectures, implementing electronic medical record systems, and providing cost-efficient services. 

Want to build EHR software? Yalantis, which has been ranked one of the top three software outsourcing companies in Ukraine by Clutch, would be a great choice. Tell us about your most burning pain related to your EMR/EHR software solutions and we’ll help you treat it with a custom web or mobile medical app.

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